Paul Rudd and Jason Segel get serious

I Love You, Man has dazzling onscreen chemistry between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Rudd and Segel team up in a bromantic comedy I Love You, Man which will leave you laughing hysterically.

‘When Harry met Harrier’

I Love You, Man quick synopsis: Paul Rudd’s character realizes he doesn’t have any friends to ask to be his best man and so he goes on several “man dates” to find one as awkwardness and hilarity ensues. Not to be outdone, other characters shine as well in I Love You, Man like Rashida Jones, Jaime Pressly and Jon Favreau. The story of Bromance is unique and terrific.

Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Rashida Jones tee off in I Love You, Man

SheKnows caught up with the dynamic duo who frequently finished each other’s sentences (they’re buddies in real life, too). In two words: they rock!

We heart this film which opens March 20th.SheKnows: Can you talk a little bit about getting ‘Rushified’ and what that scene was about?Paul Rudd's ready to marry, just needs a palJason: Our characters bond over the band Rush. I love Rush but I was a little too young to experience them in their prime but I learned about them during Freaks and Geeks because my character was a huge Rush fan. Paul was a huge Rush fan as is (director) John Hamberg .Paul: Rush scared me when I was a little kid. I saw the Tom Sawyer video and I thought it was scary as hell. Getty Lee can be a really intense figure to a 6 year-old but then I kind of got into some of their songs and was excited to meet them and I was really nervous actually.Jason: They are scary…Paul: A fifteen minute drum solo is scary as hell. They’re reclusive, there’s a mystery about Rush. So they couldn’t have been nicer and funnier and really, really cool. Do you like Rush?SheKnows: Not really.Jason: She’s not into Rush. Tell the story when you brought that up to them about the scene.Paul: I know John wanted Rush because a scene like that — that’s the kind of band that two guys like us would have bonded over. They do seem to have a primarily male fan base. When they were shooting I was so hypersensitive that they would have a good time, that they wouldn’t get bored or feel as if we were mocking them in anyway because that’s the farthest thing; we weren’t doing that at all. But in the scene we’re dancing around like crazy and Rashida is acting bored so I was telling Geddy Lee this is part of the story, we’re going to be dancing around and she’s just going to stand there like she’s not really that into it and Getty Lee said, “Oh, you mean so it will be like every one of our concerts?” It was like alright, Getty.SheKnows: Which characters have you played that most resemble yourselves?Jason: What parallels my life the most is the Sarah Marshall character. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of who I was at 25. I’m 29 now, so I’ve started to gain some self-confidence of my own.Vanity Fair cover - Paul Rudd

Paul: I feel pretty connected to the character in I Love You, Man. I tend to think of myself as more of an optimist and kind of glass is half-full type of person in the way that maybe Peter, the character in this movie is.

I Love You, Man nude?

SheKnows: With the Vanity Fair cover, why didn’t you guys go the Full Monty?

Jason: Vanity Fair wanted to still be able to sell magazines and there’s nothing particular appealing about me, Jonah and Seth naked on a magazine. Paul Rudd has never looked better in a photo and my question is if that is a result of the context. Anyone would look good next to me, Jonah and Seth in our silk stockings. Have you seen that picture? Paul Rudd is dashing.Paul: They should call it “Vanity Hair” judged by how far down my shirt goes. I couldn’t have constructed that joke better, let me go back. I gotta rewind it. (chuckles)Jason Segel makes a run for his guy, Paul RuddSheKnows: Is that the first time you told that joke?Paul: It is the first time. You can see what I’m saying. Let me rewrite it. I did draw the long straw in that shoot though didn’t I? I got to wear the tux.SheKnows: To make a comparison with this movie, people often ask it’s a romantic comedy.Jason: I like to say when “Harry Met Harrier.” I’m like a smooth baby. Ewwwwww.Paul: You may want to rethink the way you say that.Jason: I’m smooth like a baby’s head. Smooth as a baby’s bottom, that’s the expression, right?Paul: I’m not touching that. (pauses) That came out wrong, too. (laughs)SheKnows: The movie is like a love letter to Los Angeles. Was there anything you added to it?Paul: That’s really John and I know he wanted to set it in L.A.. There was a specific reason for doing so and I’ve heard him say how isolated you can feel in Los Angeles and how you’re in your car and everybody kind of separate. Also, when you meet people in L.A. everyone kind of has this shield up anyway. This feeling of what can you do for me. I know he always found that to be a somewhat tough place to make friends.

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