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Gossip Girl springs into action

Gossip Girl returns tonight in all its guilty pleasure glory. Until then, we have a special video for Gossip Girl fans of Chuck Bass’ greatest hits.

Thanks to the CW for the clip of Chuck Bass in his Gossip Girl best. March 16 is what it finally says on the calendar and that means our favorite high school primetime soap is back after a six-week trip through rerun-ville.One thing we can spill to you Gossip Girl fans is that Michelle Trachtenberg is returning as Georgina Sparks on the April 27 episode. We’ve seen a still and Michelle’s Georgina seems to be plotting alongside Chuck Bass. Ed Westwick and Trachtenberg have impeccable chemistry and their efforts on screen will be something to witness! Watch out Leighton Meester’s Blair!It’s nice to know that on Mondays throughout the spring, there is Gossip to be had on the CW. One does not realize how much a fan they are of the Gossip Girl world until that universe is stuck in repeats for over a month!In 2009, there is little that can compete with Gossip Girl on the scale of voyeuristic pleasure when it comes to watching the next generation of America’s elite navigates their way through high school. By the way, we also can’t wait to see where the show goes when our favorite privileged children head to college. XO, XO!

Chuck Bass’ best

Here it is, the video we like to call the best of Basstalk:

The Gossip Girl interviews

Leighton Meester
Ed Westwick

Michelle Trachtenberg

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