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Gossip Girl finally returns

Gossip Girl is back with new episodes beginning March 16.

The CW is quiet about Gossip Girl details and only gave us the following promotional photo below. All we know is that there are few couples on TV that generate the heat that Chuck and Blair accomplish each Monday. Waiting for them to wake from their rerun slumber has been dreadful. The producers of Gossip Girl left audiences hanging when they last aired a new episode February 2.

Gossip Girl returns March 16

Here’s what you need to know about what last happened on Gossip Girl:
Lonely boy had just kissed the teacher, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) had a Eyes Wide Shut moment and Blair’s (Leighton Meester) future at Yale is in serious trouble. Blair plotting to bring down a teacher is what cost her the chance at Yale (for now), but watch in the coming weeks for that to be the least of Rachel’s, the teacher, worries. Meanwhile, Nate and Vanessa are trying to be a couple, or not be a couple – hard to keep track with these two. But they did seem to have fun on the “help Chuck figure out his night” adventure.

The new March 16 episode is called The Age of Dissonance, a great rip-off on The Age of Innocence. Could this be a clue? You think!

Also known is some upcoming Gossip Girl treats:
No Doubt is appearing on Gossip Girl’s May 11 episode. It’s called the flashback episode and one can only imagine how No Doubt fits in to the scene. Michelle Trachtenberg is also returning as her bad self, Georgina Sparks.

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