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Tori Spelling meets Superman

Watch for Tori Spelling as a gossip columnist who tells all about Clark on Smallville tonight while 30 Rock and The Office are new too.

Last night’s theme was chopping! First, on America’s Next Top Model it was hair being chopped off by the handfuls. I understand that hair is personal, but I don’t understand people who say, I’ll do anything to win this competition, then balk at a trim or a color change. There were a few drastic make-overs but, as always, everyone looked super in their new do’s — okay, maybe there were one or two exceptions…

Next it was The Chopping Block, the new pseudo-cooking competition on NBC. I say pseudo because there was very little cooking in the premiere episode. Like BBC’s Last Restaurant Standing, this show is more about having the organizational skills to run a restaurant efficiently and less about the talents of the chefs. I thought I’d like it, but I was bored. I doubt I’ll watch it again.

Finally, it was time to chop two contestants from a bloated American Idol but first the announcement of a new rule. To prevent someone really great going home just because the American public doesn’t know talent when they see it, the judges now have the power to override one decision. Since they can only do this once for the whole season, I doubt they’ll be playing that card very soon. Last night’s eliminees were in my bottom four but not the two I thought would go home. I really thought it would be Anoop and Megan but it was Jasmine and Jorge who were sent packing. I’m a little surprised, but it’s not like I expected either of them to win so it was only a matter of time.

Spelling goes to SmallvilleAnd speaking of time, I’m counting the hours until nine o’clock and the return of Supernatural. Oh my show, I’ve missed you so. Here’s what else is on.

Tonight On TV — Thursday, March 12

The CW is making me a happy girl tonight with the return of Smallville featuring Tori Spelling and Supernatural where Sam and Dean have to die in order to stop a town from killing reapers.

ABC begins with a guest appearance by the always funny Christine Baranski on Ugly Betty, then it’s all about Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy, and then Private Practice asks the question, “who’s your daddy?”

CBS begins with Survivor, then there’s a hostage situation on CSI and it’s murder at Fashion Week on Eleventh Hour.

Fox has Booth and Bones going to great lengths for their latest crime scene and then it’s another edition of Hell’s Kitchen.

NBC begins with a rerun of My Name is Earl, then it’s new episodes of Kath & Kim, The Office, and 30 Rock. Finally, an old friend returns to the ER on ER. Is it George Clooney?

Over on cable

Travel Channel launches a new series tonight, it’s Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches with Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt.

Celeb Rehab is new on VH1. MTV has Making the Band.

See what’s happening over at The Property Shop on HGTV and don’t miss a new Ace of Cakes on Food Network.

News and notable

Jericho star Skeet Ulrich is coming home as the lead in a new pilot for CBS called Back.

Is Minka leaving FNL or is it done?MTV is going big or going home with Hard Times, a new comedy about a well-endowed nerd who becomes the popular guy after exposing himself during a high school basketball game. They’re also working on Who’s Your Daddy, an animated series about multi-culture kids who were adopted by a celeb.

In a strange move, CBS ordered four more episodes of How I Met Your Mother but hasn’t yet offered them a pickup for another season. What’s the hold up, CBS?Two pilot castings leave me wondering about the fates of two other shows. Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly just took the lead in the new CW series The Body Politic and Reaper’s Tyler Labine has also booked a new gig. Do I hear the gong of doom for their current series’?

Photo credit:
Smallville: Infamous — Tori Spelling as Linda Lake, on The CW Network. Photo: Michael Courtney
Minka Kelly as Lyla Garrity — NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

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