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Bret Michaels plans tell-all book

Bret Michaels, rock star-turned reality star is planning a tell-all book.

The Poison frontman and eligible bachelor of Rock of Love reality franchise has penned the tome Roses and Thorns: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy to My Reality, to be released by Simon & Schuster in June.What dirty little secrets will Michaels reveal?”It will give people the untold story,” Michaels tells “It gives you the sex, the drugs, the rock ‘n’ roll, but it also gives you the diabetes. It gives you every aspect of my life and what I’m going through. I think it’s pretty frank. It’s honest. It’s at times self-deprecating. It’s about what happens when you try to live out your dream and the reality of it all sets in and it’s the hardest and the strangest thing you will ever do. I think when you read it you’ll really get the understanding of what it’s all about.”One thing Michaels will definitely address is his famed feud with bandmate CeCe DeVille.”One of the most therapeutic things to write was (about) the constant battle between CeCe and myself and the reality of why it is constantly there and why it exists,” Michaels says. “Getting into a fist fight with someone who is your friend is one of the harder things to live with, much less write about.”Break out your acid wash and look for Poison on tour this summer with Def Leppard and Cheap Trick.

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