Is Pinocchio DVD worth the upgrade?

Mar 11, 2009 at 8:20 p.m. ET

Pinocchio is back and goodness does this boy age well. Given the full Disney high-definition makeover, there should be no questions as to whether this is worth adding to the Disney DVD collection.

Pinocchio arrives on brilliant Blu-rayWalt Disney's Pinocchio 70th Anniversary Edition arrives in a brilliant Blu-ray and DVD combo package. Knowing that the market is still saturated with viewers that own DVD players with every intention to upgrade to Blu-ray when the economy clears a little and the prices drop a touch more, Disney releases both versions together.

Enjoy the DVD now, upgrade later and know that the visual masterpiece that is the DVD can only be even more pristine with the Blu-ray.

Disney's classic is vividly restored with sound and picture that would make Walt Disney cry with glee. Pinocchio was Disney's second major film and one quite close to his heart. The story of Geppetto the puppet maker, the Blue Fairy and one of the hairiest whale-centered animated action sequences ever on film still marvels after seven decades.

Wish Upon a Star with Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket again, or for the very first time. Whether parents with children, teenagers looking for an eye-blowing visual experience or adults who want to check back in with the little marionette that came to life with love, this Pinocchio is a not-to-be-missed.

The special DVD features include an interactive fact-finding feature that delves into magic behind Disney's Pinocchio. Also included in the DVD extras is an audio commentary by film historians Leonard Maltin, Eric Goldberg and JB Kaufman. The most joyous aspect of the bonus features is the Disney Song Selection feature. Viewers may select any number of songs and sing along Karaoke-style.

Another gem in this Pinocchio collection is on the second bonus disc of the DVD. Would you believe they've uncovered deleted scenes from the film as well as an alternative ending. Star wish granted!

Check out these clips from the hi-def Pinocchio now in stores, thanks Disney!

Transitions of Pinocchio

In this feature-ette, the magicians at Disney bring a classic new life.

Pinocchio's Lie

In this scene, an iconic moment is achieved. Parents everywhere forever thank Walt Disney.

The Wish

This clip is self explanatory!

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