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American Idol gets results while Old Christine humors

It was Michael Jackson night on American Idol and overall the contestants did pretty well. I adore Adam Lambert and he was the hit of the night with his rocker version of Black or White. The camera loves him and he’s so comfortable on stage. I can’t wait to see more of him. On the other hand, what was Megan thinking when she pulled out Rockin’ Robin? That old bubble gum standard should stay stuck to the bottom of your shoe where it belongs. Yuck.

Jorge let me down and I’m sorry about that because I really like him. I wasn’t crazy about Kris’ American Idol performance but apparently I’m alone in that. Poor guy took a punch from Simon telling him he shouldn’t have played up his new wife in the bio package. Not a great move for the season’s top heartthrob. I’m also amazed by how many of the contestants have kids. Has it always been like this?

The big laugh of the night came from the addition of the thirteenth contestant. Since American Idol only ever has twelve, they only have twelve consecutive phone numbers, 1-866-IDOLS (XX) they don’t own the thirteen number in the sequence which happens to belong to a sex line. Because of this, they had to offer a completely different number for the final contestant which could mess up her chances of getting votes. Next time guys, stick to the rule.

Except that they aren’t sticking with the rules at all which you’ll see if you keep reading.

Tonight On TV — Wednesday, March 11

NBC gets first place tonight with the new cooking competition series Chopping Block. More like Last Restaurant Standing than Top Chef I’m not betting money on this one lasting very long. After that a soldier is stabbed while on leave on Life, and then it’s a new Law & Order.

CBS is all new with The New Adventures of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried. Then the crew investigates deaths with religious symbolism on Criminal Minds and a pipe bomb takes out a house on CSI: NY.

Kristen Stewart and Julia Louis Dreyfuss on Old Christine

The CW should pull them in tonight because it’s make-over day on America’s Next Top Model, then it’s a rerun of 90210.

Fox is all new with Lie to Me and then two contestants will be eliminated on American Idol after a slight change in the rules — rumor is the ones with the lowest number of votes will have to sing for their lives and the judges will make the final decision on who stays and who goes. (Kind of like how they do it on So You Think You Can Dance.)

ABC has a slow night with reruns of Scrubs and Lost and then a new Life on Mars which is heading for its final episode of the series.

Chopping Block does some cutting

Over on cable

There are more model makeovers on Bravo’s Make Me a Superhero.

Ghost Hunters begins its fifth season on SCI FI Channel tonight.Damages is new on FX and Food Network has Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

WE has a new episode of Little Miss Perfect (always worth watching) and High School Reunion is new on TVLand.

News and notable

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that DirectTV is in talks for another season of Friday Night Lights. Very surprising to me as the show’s ratings hasn’t been that great on NBC.

MTV is working on Private High Musical, which is a spoof of…do I even need to tell you? High School Musical, of course!

NBC has picked up Great American Road Trip which will follow several families as they visit popular tourist traps across the US.
Fox is going scripted this summer with a new series set in a mental hospital. It comes from their sister company in Bogota adding to the list of internationally produced series that are making their way on to US screens.

Matt Barr from One Tree Hill and Ten Inch Hero has been added to the cast of the Gossip Girl spinoff.

Rebecca Romijn has joined the cast of Eastwick, the new series about witches in the suburbs.

Photo credit:
The Chopping Block — Pictured: Host, Marco Pierre White — NBC Photo: Virginia Sherwood
The New Adventures of Old Christine: Too Close For Christine — Christine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, right) is initially flattered when another scatterbrained mother (guest star Kristen Johnston) at Ritchie’s school considers her a “rock,” but quickly tires of the responsibility of being responsible. Photo: Michael Ansell/Warner Bros.

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