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Rihanna parties in Hollywood with Chris Brown

Rihanna is trying to put her life back towards the normal end of the scale. On March 10, Rihanna was seen out partying in Hollywood with boyfriend Chris Brown.

Rihanna celebrates her 21st birthdaySince her Grammy-eve assault, allegedly by her boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna has kept a low profile — although news reports have not ceased covering this story that continues to add bizarre developments with each passing day.

News arose in the last few days, as SheKnows previously reported, that not only have Chris Brown and Rihanna gotten back together – but they may also be married.

Last night, marriage and the LAPD investigations into Chris Brown’s supposed beating were all far from Rihanna as she danced the night away as would any normal 21-year-old girl.

Rihanna made her first public appearance since her altercation with Chris Brown at the trendy Hollywood hotspot Coco de Ville.

Now this is where the story keeps getting compelling, Brown was there as well. There has been a hardcore backlash against Rihanna’s decision to return to her accused assaulter’s side. Oprah entered the fray yesterday. She looked into the camera on her show and said directly to Rihanna, “He will hit you again.”

Meanwhile, at Coco de Ville, Rihanna entered the club wearing sunglasses and kept them on all night. February 20 was the singer’s 21st birthday and sources close to the scene last night say that the affair was to mark Rihanna’s big day.

Hanging with Brown and friends all night, Rihanna drank Armand de Brignac champagne and munched on a tower of pink cupcakes.

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