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Johnny Depp Public Enemies trailer

Johnny Depp and Christian Bale have joined forces in the highly anticipated biopic of John Dillinger. Public Enemies does not debut until July, but we have your first trailer from the film.

Johnny Depp as John DillingerDirected by Michael Mann, Public Enemies casts an actor in Johnny Depp that could not be more perfect to portray John Dillinger. The gangster that set the standard for mob heads wielded heavy respect. Watching Depp as the notorious bad guy will most certainly be a treat.

Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard joins Depp and Bale in the cast. The Depression-era outlaw was charismatic and became a national sensation as he robbed banks.

Dillinger quickly became the nation’s number-one sought after criminal after the famed J. Edgar Hoover decided to make an example out of him. Bale portrays Melvin Purvis, Hoover’s top agent.

Dillinger was known beyond his robberies to his uncanny ability to escape capture and jail.

He became a folklore hero as he and his girlfriend Billie Frenchette dominated the country’s fascination while sour economic times dominated the news.

Also joining Depp in the cast of Public Enemies is Watchmen star Billy Crudup, Stephen Graham and Giovanni Ribisi.

Depp’s film is based on a book by Bryan Burrough and promises to rivet in the hands of Mann.

The director who created Miami Vice has became a can’t-miss filmmaker with The Insider, CollateralAli and Last of the Mohicans.

Public Enemies hits theaters July 1.

Public Enemies trailer

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