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Taylor Swift gets serious on CSI

The American Idol judges put Tatiana back on the show. I was in full competition mode last night and pretty happy about it until that one, horrible moment. Idol tonight gets its final three through the Wild Card show while Ugly Betty heads into the kitchen.

There is no way you can convince me the move of keeping Tatiana on American Idol was anything but a ratings move. Tatiana is not a bad singer, but you need the whole package. There were at least two others that deserved a shot over her. She can still get cut in the wild card round tonight, so here’s hoping she bombs.

Otherwise, it was as I said Lil, Scott and Jorge — all good American Idol top 12 choices. There were a lot of good guys this season so sadly a choice had to be made but I like the variety in the group they have now.

America’s Top Model has adopted a Goddess theme for this cycle and it’s no sillier than what they’ve done in the past, so I can live with it. The seem to get to the modeling part faster than usual, maybe unfairly so since it’s lack of experience that gets Isabella tossed. Aren’t they supposed to be amateurs? She never had a shot. The drama here all goes to nasty Sandra who barely made it through to the next round and those eyes on Allison may photograph fine but….actually…I don’t see it. Kudos to burn victim Tahlia for stepping up to the plate, but she’ll now have to step up her game as she didn’t walk the runway very well.

And speaking of runways, last night was the premiere of Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel as well. It’s funny how two modeling shows can be so very different. Supermodel is more like Idol in that they have an even number of guys and girls to start. Still, they always end up putting two guys together in their underwear having an intimate moment. This time it was in a glass box hoisted high above the city. I could handle being intimate with another girl, it’s the height that would have done me in. Yikes!

While I contemplate keeping my feet on the ground, you check out what’s on TV tonight.

Tonight On TV — Thursday, March 5

ABC crosses Ugly Betty with Iron Chef as Ignacio gets involved in a cook-off to raise cash, then it’s repeats of Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice.

CBS is all new with Survivor, then country music star Taylor Swift guests on CSI, and Eleventh Hour is toxic!

Taylor Swift puts down the guitar on CSI

The CW is still in reruns with Smallville and Supernatural.

Fox has nine hopefuls singing for 3 wild card spots on American Idol, then it’s a new Hell’s Kitchen.

Ramsey screams on Hell's KitchenNBC has a new My Name is Earl, Kath & Kim, The Office (a repeat), 30 Rock, and then a film crew descends on the ER.

Over on cable

MTV has the finale of America’s Best Dance Crew which follows Making the Band.

USA wraps up another season of Burn Notice tonight.

A jazz musician needs a date on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker.

Duff makes a King of the Hill cake on Ace of Cakes and just for laughs, it’s Travel Channel’s 21 Manly Man Adventures.

News on notable

Plan to be out on March 31, as Fox pulls the sheet off of Osbournes: Reloaded. This variety show is said to have audience interaction and fun sketches with the Osbournes doing fun things like working in a fast food restaurant. The show will air irregularly (not surprisingly) after that as specials to fill in when Fox has nothing better to air.

NBC Universal is trying something new by releasing the Oscar winning film Milk on March 10 for both DVD and On Demand.

Lauren Conrad may be leaving The Hills but producers of the MTV series say the show will live on. Which will give Audrina plenty of reasons to utter that famous line, “It’s just crazy that all this is happening while Lauren is gone.”

Stop the presses! The Bachelor creator says the finale was not faked. Sure, because we all know how real reality TV really is.

Photo credit:
Hell’s Kitchen: Chef Ramsay (L) screams at Robert (R) during dinner service. Cr: Mike Yarish/Fox
CSI: Turn, Turn, Turn — Haley Jones (special guest star Taylor Swift, left) speaks with CSI Nick Stokes (George Eads, right) when he investigates a series of murders at the motel her parents own. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

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