Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson do Europe

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are back together on a European holiday. Wait, what? Sure they’re promoting Marley and Me, but it’s nice to see them together.

Owen and Jennifer walk the European red carpetJennifer Aniston and co-star Owen Wilson had a little doggie treat while in Germany. How shall we put this? The co-stars of Marley and Me, that fabulous movie released on Christmas Day in the U.S., appeared on a popular German variety show.

Here’s how it went: the show asks celeb visitors to bet if a special guest can perform the talent they supposedly possess. Well, a German woman bragged that she could identify her Husky dogs by the sound they make while lapping up soup. Hmmm, alrighty then.

Owen didn’t believe she could do it, but Jennifer bet that she could. Whoever lost the bet was told they’d have to eat a few dog biscuits. Well, you can guess what happened next. The guest was blindfolded and accurately guessed each dog so she invited Owen Wilson and Jen Aniston to have a biscuit. Jennifer protested, after all she did indeed guess right.

The host, however, reminded her that she and Wilson are a team, not unlike the dogs. Owen Wilson then put his arm around Jennifer’s and said, “Honey, we’re in this together.”

And so they ate biscuits. On the count of three the host, Owen and Jennifer all took a bite. Aniston said they’re a little dry which makes us wonder what she has it to compare to (i.e., American biscuits) and then of course this begs a whole other conversation about global dog food. Anyway, Owen Wilson, always the jokester seemed to enjoy his little snack so he got more to take home in yes, a doggie bag.

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