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Joshua Radin finding Simple Times

Joshua Radin gives us an insiders’ look at what it was like playing for Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi and their 2008 wedding.

Joshua Radin performs and lets us backstageSince writing his first song Winter, over four years ago, musician Joshua Radin has been letting us in on what’s inside. The Midwestern-born sweetheart and his hushed music have touched and inspired listeners, sending Radin’s sophomore release, Simple Times to the top of the iTunes chart.

Although these times may seem less than simple — in the midst of media interviews and a two-month-long tour — Radin is still taking the time to catch his breath and have some fun. SheKnows had the opportunity to catch up with the musician in Southern California before his show at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. We got the behind-the-scenes dish on his new album, a bit about the girl with “Lisa Loeb glasses” and a “diesel Mercedes; green, two-door” and a thing or two about his intimates…hmmmm.

Marrying Ellen and Portia

SheKnows: Let’s step back in time a bit and talk about you being a special guest for Ellen (DeGeneres) and Portia’s (de Rossi) wedding. What was that experience like for you?Joshua Radin: Surreal. It was weird — lovely — but bizarre.SheKnows: I can’t imagine. I mean they sent a limo, brought you to their house; it was a very personal experience.Joshua Radin: So personal. There were only about 20 people there — just their family — sitting in a semi-circle in their living room with two chairs for Portia and Ellen. I walked in and played six of my songs, I think, and they were just crying the whole time. I had to close my eyes most of the time while I was singing because every time I looked up, I couldn’t believe it. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are crying, while I’m singing to them, at their wedding, at their house…wow.SheKnows: Were you wearing a tux?Joshua Radin: No, I was wearing a suit though. I didn’t have a suit because I was on tour, so I had to go out and buy one and when I showed up, I asked Ellen, “Ummm, is this ok?” and she said, “oh my god, of course, you could have come in jeans and a t-shirt.” I was like, “damn.”Josh gives us a lookSheKnows: In lieu of being part of such an intimate experience and seeing the love that two people have for each other when it reaches such great heights, what are your thoughts about Proposition 8 passing in California?Joshua Radin: It is terrible. I mean I just can’t believe that people in love can’t get married. It shouldn’t matter who you are. I’m at a loss. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to be part of (Ellen, Portia’s) wedding. So many people love Ellen…she spans so many different demographics and is an amazing person. I can’t imagine if that wedding could not have taken place. Love is love. We all need someone to love.SheKnows: So true. You know you are breaking some hearts right now.Joshua Radin: (laughs)

Longing for Simple Times

SheKnows: First off, I want to talk about the new album, Simple Times. You were quoted as saying with this album you actually feel like a “fully formed artist,” could you elaborate on that a bit?Joshua Radin: Well, I started writing songs four-and-a-half years ago and I started playing guitar about two years before that…so I am really new to it all. I am trying to learn a lot all the time; absorbing everything around me, watching other musicians, anything I can. I feel like okay, now I’ve gotten there — where I was looking to go — and then the next day I wake up and go, god I know nothing.SheKnows: It is sort of a parallel to life. Some days you can wake up feeling like you have a handle on it all and other days, not even the slightest clue.Joshua Radin: (laughs)…

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