Jason and Molly still together on Bachelor shocker

The Bachelor always promises shock and it finally delivered as it was proved that Jason and Molly are still together.

The March 2 The Bachelor: After the Rose special proved to have all the sparks ABC promised. As Reality TV Magazine’s Britteny Elrick reports this morning:

After the rose ceremony:

Chris greets us in an empty room and he says there will be an intimate filming with only the parties involved. He brings Jason out and asks him how he’s been doing. Jason says it’s been crazy and starts crying. He talks about Melissa and how amazing she is, but says that since the show ended things have been different. Jason says they aren’t right for eachother. He said they spent alot of time together and the chemistry is different!

Chris asks Jason what Melissa knows and he says she knows he feels different. He says over the last few weeks, he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Molly. Jason wanted to give it a real try with Melissa but he can’t help how he feels. He says as soon as Molly left, he felt like a huge piece of his life was missing. Chris asks if Jason has talked to Molly since the engagement and he says no because it wouldn’t be fair to Melissa. Jason says he’s going to end it tonight with Melissa. He says that both girls have the right to be mad at him.

Do you want to marry me? Wait, no!

Melissa comes out and sits down. Jason tells her that all of his feelings were true along the way, but he feels things are different. Melissa just keeps on nodding and staring away as he talks. Melissa gets upset and says she doesn’t understand how Jason can be saying these things. She doesn’t know why Jason wants to pull away at the first sign of difficulty. She asks him what she did or what happened and that Jason isn’t being honest. Jason tells her he fell for two people at the same time and he still has feelings for Molly. Melissa asks if he’s been talking to her. Jason says no and he tried to clear his head but he couldn’t. She says he doesn’t want to fight for her because he’s having doubts. He says he can’t control his head and his heart. She calls him a bastard and Jason says he doesn’t regret anything with Melissa. She says she wishes he would have just let her go on that day instead of putting her through this. She says she’s so mad at him and hands back the ring. She cries and says she doesn’t get it.

Chris leaves and gives them a chance to say goodbye. Melissa says it makes no sense and Jason should know better than to do something like this when they’ve both been through so much heartbreak. She tells him to not call her and to leave her alone. She gets in the limo and says that it is an awful feeling when you trust someone and they throw away your heart. She says she acted mad because she didn’t want him to know how much he hurt her. She says she can’t be mad at Jason for not being in love with her and she knows someday she’ll wake up and know why this happened.

Jason tells Chris that he never lied to her about anything. Then Chris brings out Molly to speak with her alone. Chris asks her how she’s doing and she says she’s nervous to see Jason again. Molly says the week after she got rejected it was the worst week of her life. She admits she still has feelings for him and that doesn’t go away overnight. She says she has lots of questions for him and needs to get closure. Chris asks her if she ever thinks that maybe Jason changed his mind. Molly says she wishes for that everyday, but only wants Jason to be happy.

The Bachelor Jason Mesnick and Molly

Jason comes out and Molly asks him when he knew he wanted Melissa instead. He tells her he never really knew and he was heartbroken when he let her go. She tells Jason that he didn’t have a good answer for her as to why he didn’t pick her and he said that’s right. Jason tells Molly that he just broke up with Melissa. He says he doesn’t want to jump from one thing to another so quickly but he wants to give it a shot. Molly is stunned. She asks about Melissa and Jason says what he did was horrible and he doesn’t want to live with regrets. Chris asks Jason if he’s still in love with Molly and he says yes.

Jason says he did what he thought was right at the time, but there was no doubt that she was still in his heart. Molly says she’s really confused and that they have alot to talk about. She says her feelings never went away and they can see where things go. She says she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t happy this happened. He says he was always falling in love with her and he’ll never stop.

Editor’s note: Thank you Reality TV Magazine for the scoop!

Bachelor bonkers

When SheKnows reported that Jason Mesnick was going to make his choice on the March 2 broadcast, we honestly did not believe that a show that seemed to be as dated as The Bachelor is could find new tricks. But, when Jason decided that he still wanted Molly, the jaw-dropping evening had begun.To tune into ABC tonight is a foregone conclusion. How will this one play out? The Bachelor producers, I’ll give it to you, finally, you have a truly shocking finale.

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