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Jonas Brothers bucked by box office

The Jonas Brothers do not equal box office success. Despite the expectations of the Jonas Brothers nation, the brothers Jonas had to settle for second at the box office.

The Jonas Brothers in 3DTeenage girls scream and teenyboppers go wild when the mere name of the Jonas Brothers is mentioned.

They can’t even go to Starbucks like a normal teen and well, now they’re actually losing some game.

The Jonas Brothers’ new flick: Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, opened with a disappointing weekend.

That’s right, shocking isn’t it? Who would have ever thought that the Brothers Jonas would ever come in second? We’re big fans of the Jonas Brothers and we were even surprised when their film grossed only an estimated $4.8 million on Friday. 

By weekend’s end, the Jonas Brothers movie had earned $17 million.

Keep in mind the cost of their film is playing at 1,200-plus 3-D and IMAX theaters. This means ticket prices are hyped and cost around $15 to $18 each. This is double the amount your normal ‘tween can handle. Then again, it had no impact when Miley Cyrus’ concert flick, also in 3-D and IMAX, raked in nearly twice as much money on nearly half as many screens as the heartthrob sensations. Perhaps Miss Miley Cyrus is bigger than the brothers? We don’t want to think so, but the Jonas Brothers’ film was a guaranteed number one! Miley makes money — end of story.

Even though they came in second place during their opening weekend behind Madea Goes to Jail, we still love the Jonas Brothers. They’re still on top of the charts. And you know what? Being number one is kind of old. Sometimes you have to mix things up and come in a close second, even for the Jonas Brothers.

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