Dollhouse drives TV while Ghost Whisperer whispers

Dollhouse delivers more thrills on Fox and speaking of thrills or lake thereof, American Idol went pretty much the way I thought it would last night with two of my favorite guys, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen took two of the top spots with Allison Iraheta winning for the girls.

I know Adam’s not the best singer on American Idol, but he’s very charismatic and comfortable on stage and that counts for a lot. Kris will have to step it up a notch if he expects to make it to the top ten, but right now, I like him. But seriously, the only way to watch these results show is with a DVR. I can’t stand how much time they waste with worthless banter.

The special effects team really got a work out with last night’s Eleventh Hour was electrifying as more than thirty people in one small town were killed by lightening strikes during a storm. It turned out to be a nano-virus that was building a metal mesh infrastructure in the top layer of skin turning everyone into human lightening rods. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. I’m still not sure how I feel about the new addition to the team. I think Felix is there to represent the audience point of view, but too often he feels like an overexcited puppy and that’s not how I like my FBI agents.

Just a reminder, Celebrity Apprentice returns this Sunday on NBC and plenty of great shows on tonight. Check it out.

Dollhouse has been earning quite a spotlightTonight On TV — February 27

Fox begins with a trip to the sleep clinic on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and then Echo goes undercover as a backup singer on Dollhouse.ABC pits easy-going against the strict mom on Wife Swap, then it’s Supernanny, and 20/20.

CBS begins with Ghost Whisperer, then a mortgage scam leads to a hostage situation on Flashpoint, finally, Liz takes center stage when she goes undercover to catch a drug dealer on Numb3rs.

The CW is all reruns tonight with Everybody Hates Chris and The Game — two of each.

NBC starts with Howie Do It, then it’s a new Friday Night Lights, followed by Dateline.

Over on cable

E! looks at 15 Unforgettable Hollywood Tragedies and that’s followed by The Soup.

Two new comedians take the stage on Comedy Central tonight and it’s a new Battlestar Galactica on SCI FI.

Style has a Whose Wedding is it Anyway mini-marathon.

Friday Night Lights is also new tonight on NBCNews and notable

Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) will be sticking around on Grey’s Anatomy. She signed for the rest of this season with an option to return next year.

Brittany Snow has been cast in the lead of the new Gossip Girl prequel.

Chris O’Donnell is joining LL Cool J in the new NCIS spinoff.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Lost says Evangeline Lily is not leaving the series anytime soon.

Photo credit:
Dollhouse: Stage Fright — Echo (Eliza Dushku) is sent on an engagement as a back-up singer assigned to protect a pop star from an obsessed fan. Cr: Carin Baer/FOX
Friday Night Light: Keeping Up Appearances — Pictured: (l-r) Kim Dickens as Shelby Saracen, Zach Gilford as Matt Saracen — NBC Photo: Bill Records

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