Brooke White returns to American Idol

Brooke White triumphantly returned to the American Idol stage. Many remember her as the nanny that fought her way to the final five on American Idol. She is a recording artist now and her Hold Up My Heart was unveiled to an audience of millions.

Brooke White gets back to American IdolWhite’s 2006 album, Songs from the Attic, is a fun album that includes the singer’s versions of Yellow by Coldplay and Dream On by Aerosmith.

With American Idol heading full steam, Brooke White is returning to the spotlight. Her performance on the show was simply the beginning.”I realize that I’m taking a few risks on this album, trying some new things, that yet feel very familiar (stuff I picked up from listening to great records), working with musicians that are busting my chops and making me work harder. Hold Up My Heart is just one of many songs, that has taken a complete life of it’s own, some might consider is “old school”, not what you’re used to hearing on the radio,” White says on her MySpace blog.

“But I gotta tell ya it came together so naturally, it just makes me happy. Be prepared to really experience each song as its own unique entity and experience, some big, some stripped down and bare. There is a progression, and I know this might be a little different than what you’ve heard from me before. But I promise you this; I’m giving you all I got…always.”

Check out Brooke White’s video for Free


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