American Idol gets Lost

American Idol has its second group of 12 performing and it’s about time. It seems as if it was forever since American Idol was on last.

I’m celebrating today as my favorite show, Supernatural, received an early pick-up notice from The CW yesterday. Also picked up for another season are Smallville, 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Top Model. Sounds like the network’s few comedies are on the way out in favor of more dramatic programming aimed at young women – works for me.

Last night I watched a cute episode of NCIS, if you can call any show that begins with a murder, cute. Tony and Gibbs went West and didn’t Mark Harmon look like a natural on that horse? Tony’s line about his horse having lost a contact was my favorite line of the week. Always entertaining, that NCIS.

Here’s where I put a plug in for my other favorite show, Chelsea Lately. It’s on E! at 11:00 (new time) and it’s the one show that consistently makes me laugh. Every night Chelsea and her roundtable of comedians take on the top celeb stories of the day. They say what you were thinking. There is some language and sexual content, so beware if that’s not your thing. Otherwise, tune in to Chelsea tonight, it’s a great way to cap the evening.

Now let’s see what’s on before 11:00.

Sawyer is always up to no good on Lost

Tonight On TV — Wednesday, February 25

Fox should rule the night with its second group of twelve on American Idol. Let’s see if the audience can vote through the right people this time out! Be sure to visit SheKnows as soon as American Idol closes its phone lines for a full report.

ABC does the Lost rerun followed by a new episode and then it’s Life on Mars.

CBS has comedy reruns, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, then a new Criminal Minds and CSI: NY.

NBC goes with The Biggest Loser 7, a new episode of Life, and a rerun on Law & Order.

The CW is all reruns, Privileged and 90210.

Over on cable

It’s the season finale of Top Chef: New York on Bravo tonight. I’m backing Carla, but it’s looking like Stefan for the win.

Guy Fieri is throwing a dinner party and you’re invited on Food Network at 10:00.

Angry Boys and Dirty Girls on tonight’s new Real World on MTV.

On SCI FI, the Ghost Hunters International investigate the tunnels beneath Paris and there’s a new Little Miss Perfect on WEtv.

News and notable

In addition to the series pick-ups, The CW has given the greenlight to Aston Kutcher’s The Beautiful Life, a drama that follows a group of young models in New York and the Melrose Place remake.

Top Chef has its final threeLifetime has renewed Army Wives for another season.

Andy Richter will reunite with Conan O’Brian when the late night host takes over the Tonight Show.

Wife Swap producers are looking to make a US version of the series French Kiss where a guy has to kiss as many women as possible in order to win the prize.

LL Cool J has been cast in the lead in the new NCIS spinoff.

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Top Chef: Finale Part Two — Pictured: (l-r) Hosea, Carla, Stefan — Bravo Photo: Virginia Sherwood
Lost — Josh Holloway stars as Sawyer. Photo: ABC/ Bob D’Amico


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