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Jennifer Lopez celebrates twins birthday

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony celebrate the first birthday of their twins at Madison Square Garden and at home in Miami.

Lopez exits the stage with her twins while Marc looks on...notice the cameras!We know the rumors have been swirling about whether Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony still together? Are they or aren’t they?

Is Jennifer Lopez not wearing her wedding ring? Hmmm, and what about hubby Marc Anthony? Did he or did he not arrive solo to a red carpet event?

Fret not, my friends this one’s all about their kids.

Their twins Max and Emme celebrated their very first birthday at J. Lo and Marc’s Bel Air home. Among the fifty guests? Nicole Richie and daughter Harlow along with other A-listers, no doubt. The twins’ birthday is February 22nd but sounds like J. Lo and Marc Anthony wanted to celebrate in style one day early.

Bystanders indicate Elmo and Disney bags were brought into the home as guests sang Happy Birthday as the cake adorned with candles illuminated the room.

As for their parenting prowess, we give Lopez and Anthony props for keeping their babes out of the public eye. Seriously, when was the last time you saw them photographed?

While we can spot Violet Affleck’s adorable dimples or Suri Cruise a mile away, they seem to cherish their privacy. Well done.

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