President Obama takes over TV

President Obama will dominate the networks as he delivers a speech to both houses of Congress. After that, you must check out a TNT season finale.

What does Southern rocker Christian Kane love more than anything? Women’s lingerie! It’s not what you think…or maybe it is…see for yourself when you read my interview with the Leverage star today on Then tune in for the season finale of the series, tonight at 10:00 on TNT.

Last night I cleared a few more things off my DVR including last week’s Knight Rider which was mostly a bore. Series co-star Smith Cho has a new movie out this week called Fired Up and I hear it may knock Bring it On out of the top spot as my favorite cheerleader movie. I’m off to see it later this week.

I also watched the Law & Order episode about the company that will send emails to the sinners you love once the Rapture has begun and all the good people are called up to heaven. Only on Law & Order can you start with a body in a freezer and end up with a totally different case going to trial. I do adore the twists and turns.

Tonight, it’s Obama, Obama, Obama, co-staring Congress and the press. It should make for an exciting evening. Check it out.

Tonight On TV — Tuesday, February 24, 2009

President Obama is addressing congress on TV tonight, so depending on your time zone, your schedule will vary. Here’s an East Coast look.

ABC’s line-up is full of irony. It begins with a new episode of Homeland Security, then the President addresses and congress and that’s followed by Primetime: What Would You Do?

A similar case could be made for CBS’s line-up with the military themed NCIS, then the President, then reruns of Two and a Half Men.

Go West Mark Harmon

Oh, I keep on going. Try this. NBC has The Biggest Loser 7, then the President, followed by repeat of Law & Order: SVU.

The CW has a rerun of 90210 and a new Privileged.

Fox goes with a Bones repeat and then the President speaks.

Housewives of NYC continue to cause the buzz

Over on cable

Bravo has a Real Housewives special tonight, Real Housewives Confess at 9:00 and that’s followed by a new episode of The Real Housewives of New York.

Food Network has new episodes of Food Detective and Chopped.

MTV is all new with Dogg After Dark, TI’s Road to Redemption and G’s to Gents.

Mostly, you won’t want to miss the season finale of Leverage at 10:00 on TNT.

News and notable

Short girls unite! American’s Next Top Model is casting for the next cycle and they have removed their height requirement. Open casting begins in Miami this Saturday. For all of the dates and to apply visit

The Gospel Music Channel has something a little different, it’s called Ha!: Standing Up for Clean Comedy and it’s a comedy special for the whole family. Imagine that – no sex, language or racial remarks – what ever will they talk about? It begins March 7.

Travel Channel gets the blues starting this Saturday with their new show Rissi Palmer’s Country which looks at blues clubs in Chicago.

Fox Reality is working on season three of The Academy. This time they’ll be following a group of trainees for the Orange County Fire Authority.

I know it’s a ways off but I’m excited to know that Fox has announced the date for the return of So You Think You Can Dance. It’s May 21 with a second, two-hour episode following on May 27. There’s still time to audition, so visit for details.

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The Real Housewives of New York City — Pictured: (l-r) Alex Mccord, Simon van Kempen — Bravo Photo: Heidi Gutman
NCIS: South By Southwest — The death of a NCIS agent leads Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Tony into the desert. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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