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Nicky Hilton IHOP arrest

Don’t mess with Nicky Hilton, because she will arrest you.

The man who received Nicky Hilton's wrathThe celebutante sister of Paris Hilton made a citizen’s arrest last night after being pushed to the ground by a homeless guy outside of an LA-area IHOP.The incident happened at 5 a.m. Saturday morning, according to LA County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore.”One of our deputies was at the IHOP, having a coffee break, and noticed a waitress run outside because there was a commotion,” Whitmore says.Another deputy was called “because there was a misdemeanor battery that involved Nicky Hilton and a man named Michael Broadhurst,” Whitmore adds.Paris’ little sister’s 50-year-old attacker “came up behind Ms. Hilton and pushed her. She’s OK, but she was desirous of prosecution. She said, ‘I am placing you under citizen’s arrest!'”Nicky the Enforcer held her assailant at bay until the cops arrived. The mentally unbalanced attacker claimed he was her boyfriend.Hilton is fine and needed no medical attention. The legal definition of battery is basically just unwanted touching.At least the guy will get a warm bed for the night in jail.

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