The Bachelor tells all

The Bachelor women tell all tonight on an episode ABC promises with “shock.” Also tonight, Jack Bauer is back at it on Fox’s 24.

Chuck is new tonight on NBCI have a confession to make. I don’t generally watch the Oscars. But, like a larger portion of America, I did tune in this year thanks to my DVR which allowed me to fast-forward all of the boring stuff. It’s not that I don’t believe these people didn’t earn their moment in the sun, but so do office workers and mailmen and teachers and but I don’t want to watch them give acceptance speeches for two hours.

I did enjoy the way they presented the main categories, having former winners deliver, what seemed to be, heart-felt, personal kudos to each of the nominees. And of course I loved the big salute to musicals. Mostly, I feel like Will Smith, though. I love a movie where things go boom and they get no respect in at the Oscars.

A couple of shows will be going boom tonight, with explosions of both the emotional and physical kind.

And speaking of emotional explosions – 18 years ago today, I was giving birth to my son! I went into labor while watching I Love Lucy and I still get the flashbacks every time I hear the theme. Happy birthday, Josh. We love you!

Tonight On TV — Monday, February 23, 2009

ABC puts it all out there with The Bachelor: The Women Tell All and the finale of True Beauty.

CBS is all reruns with The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and CSI: Miami.

NBC has Chuck and Morgan spying on Anna but affairs of the heart soon turn to affairs of the spy-kind, then it’s a new Heroes and on Medium, Allison thinks she may have been involved in a hit and run.

The CW has reruns of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.

House is new tonight on FoxFox begins with House and the discovery of a teen with both male and female DNA. Then Jack Bauer conducts another dangerous chase through the streets of Washington DC on 24.

Over on cable

At 10:00, E’s Fashion Police take on the Oscars.

Paranormal State is new on A&E and Adam works as a pizza tosser on Food Network’s Will Work for Food.

ABCFamily is all new with Kyle XY and The Secret Life.

The Closer and Trust Me are both new on TNT.

{healdine}News and notableCBS is taken on a new pilot from Adam Corolla about a father-driving instructor. Sounds like a million laughs.

Looks like Battlestar Galactica could be moving to the big screen after the run ends on Sci Fi Channel. Word is Universal is in talks with creator Glen. A. Larson to write the script.

American Idol star Clay Aiken will be a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model.

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Chuck: Chuck vs. the Best Friend — Pictured: Zach Levi as Chuck Bartowski– NBC Photo: Trae Patton
House: The Softer Side — Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard, R) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein, C) help House (Hugh Laurie, L) when he experiments with a new treatment for his leg pain. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Taylor/FOX


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