Oscars fashion hit and miss

The Academy Awards’ real sport is the discussing of what the celebrities draped themselves in and around.

Kate Winslet has done it!Lights, camera, Oscars! It’s the biggest night in Tinsel Town where all that glitters is indeed gold.

Oscar fashion

The night, of course dahling, isn’t about the movies. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about what the celebrities are wearing.As SheKnows critiques the dazzling dresses, what are your fave picks of the night? Let us know!We must say, we were liking the stars who rocked the one shoulder ensemble.

Oscar fashion works

Whether it was the sparkling Kate Winslet or the magnificent Marisa Tomei, the one shoulder frock definitely rocked the red carpet.What where some of the worst fashion misses?Jessica Biel, hello? Justin let Jessica go out in that!Also in the I-can’t-believe-she-wore-that category, are we mistaken or was Miley Cyrus wearing aluminum foil?Hmmm, I am still not sure.Penelope Cruz opted for a vintage look which suited her, though the color looked a bit too neutral for her skin tone.Adding a little gold statue worked wonders for the Spanish Oscar-winner.Amy Adams' jewelsThe same sentiment goes for Anne Hathaway.This could have been her big night. Did she want to be forever remembered clutching Oscar gold in that?Hathaway’s strapless dress on the red carpet was a departure from the gown she wore during the fabulous intro with Hugh Jackman, so we’ll let it go.But, it was miles away from the incredible red dress Hathaway wore in 2008.Amy Adams did, however, wear a ravishing red dress with Fred Leighton jewels to match. Rock it, girl!Although many pundits mocked her choice in jewelry, SheKnows thinks it worked for Adams’ entire ensemble.Perhaps it is that Oscar glow that is unmistakable on Adams’ face. What do you think?Did Amy Adams’ jewelry make you Enchanted or did it leave you with tons of Doubt?Honestly, the men this year were the ones who stuck out like sore thumbs. Mickey Rourke in all-white and Phillip Seymour Hoffman with a skull-cap? Are you kidding me?Come on guys, it is so easy for you! Throw on a suit, you’re good to go!Smile Sarah, you're at the Oscars!

Sarah Jessica Parker: princess or pauper?

Let’s not forget Sarah Jessica Parker, second row front and center, thank you very much.Ever the fashion plate, our Sarah Jessica Parker looked like the megawatt actress, business woman, superstar and style icon of our generation.Parker gets extra kudos for the arm cuff-band she wore on her left arm (on right).So, as this year’s awards show recaps the winners and the runners up for the gold man, let’s not forget what Oscar night is really all about: what they wore.

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