Penguins steal Madagascar 2 DVD

The zany gang from Madagascar are back with the Madagascar 2 DVD and they’re bringing along a few friends.

The entire gang is back in Madagascar 2Stars Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and David Schwimmer speak about bringing the magic back for another trip to Madagascar.

The DVD and Blu-ray arrives with an additional DVD starring everybody’s favorite penguins in their own animated adventure. The addition is pure gold and anyone who enjoyed the first film must have Madagascar 2 for the collection.

Ben Stiller:

“I think that’s what people loved about the first one was the characters and their friendships,” Stiller says of the secrets to Madagascar’s success. “Even the little guys like the penguins and even Mort – those little characters that everybody has their own favorites. Kids would connect with different characters.”

“First one the characters had to figure out how to get home. Get to Africa feel connected to who they are, it was a different sort of feeling,” Stiller adds.

Ready to ride again?David Schwimmer is so funny as Melman. He’s just amazing in that character. He always makes me laugh. And Jada as Gloria does great stuff with her new suitor in this film. This whole subplot with her and Melman are one of the strongest things about this movie.”

“He can’t believe he has this mom and dad. He really missed out on his connection with having a family. To connect with these parents and to see, the memories of his childhood, where he slept, to connect him with something he had not been in touch with all these years, it sort of gets him back in touch with his inner lion,” Stiller says of his lion’s return home.”

Chris Rock:

“People loved the first Madagascar. My kids, it’s probably the only thing that they brag about to their friends. ‘My daddy’s a zebra. My daddy is a zebra!’ It’s a good thing. It’s the gift that keeps giving,” Rock says of the reaction to Madagascar. “I’m elated, I can’t wait to the third and the fourth and fifth. I thought the movie warranted a sequel. I thought people really love these characters and really want to see what happens to them. Talking animals, you can’t really do bad with talking animals.”

Chris Rock tells it like it is“Marty gets to Africa and he’s like the adopted kid who gets to be around his own people for the first time,” Rock says and laughs. “There’s a little bad, there’s a little good. At first he acts up, but then, he realizes he has two families.”

“There is a shock in seeing 1,000 animals that look like you. At first he fits in. But, after a while he’s kind of because he’s not as special as he used to be. It’s kind of like when I’m around Chris Tucker and Dave Chappelle. At first I’m really happy, but then I’m like, ‘people aren’t paying attention to me,’ Rock says and laughs.

David Schwimmer:

“Melman’s in some pretty dangerous, life threatening, situations in Madagascar 2,” Schwimmer says of his always ailing giraffe. “Then, the locals tell him that he’s acquired this disease. He’s completely sure he’s going to die. Some pretty dramatic things happen to Melman in this one in terms of he thinks he’s going to die. He tries to sacrifice himself to save Gloria and everyone. He confesses his love to Gloria. There’s a big love story in it for him as well. He’s conquers a few of his own fears. It’s a big event-filled movie for Melman. In this film Melman has an arch rival named Moto-Moto (Will.I.Am). It’s a big sexy male hippo that is vying for Gloria’s affections. He’s threatening because he’s a hippo and I’m a giraffe. She’s a hippo so you think she’ll probably go with him. But…Melman overcomes a few obstacles.”


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