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Madonna nude photo fetches record price

A nude Madonna photo has sold for $37,500 at auction! Madonna is an icon, but seriously.

Madonna out on her Sticky and Sweet tourWhether Madonna is constantly changing her look or jet-setting between London and Florida, The Material Girl makes news every single day.

It could be her non-pre-nup (what was she thinking?) with Guy Ritchie, the short-lived romance with Alex Rodriguez, her current young Brazilian hottie or her wildly successful Sticky and Sweet tour, Madonna’s the master of her own game.

Madonna is a chameleon and a talented and savvy one at that. But we don’t think she got any profits from a recent auction at the famed Christie’s auction house.

At a recent Christie’s auction in Manhattan her nude photo was purchased for mucho dollars by an anonymous bidder on the phone.

Here’s the deal: when Madonna was a student in 1979 she wanted to make a few bucks. She earned twenty-five dollars for a nude photo shoot. The full frontal photograph retrieved from that shoot was taken by Lee Friedlander. Most of the pictures from that photo shoot with a young Madge were published in an issue of Playboy magazine in 1985.

Auctioneers had recently anticipated the elusive photo would fetch between 10 and 15 thousand dollars but it ended up being snatched up for more than double the estimated selling price!

Keep in mind this is a 13-inch by 8 5/8-inch framed photo. In today’s economy it’s hard to believe that much money would equate to one photo of a celeb but hey, in this town anything goes.

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