Faye Dunaway visits Grey’s Anatomy

American Idol was the only show I caught last night! Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey were the voter favorites and so I almost got it right.

The Birds were flying in HollywoodMichael’s a nice guy but on talent it should have been Ricky. I do hope this is the last we see of Tatiana on American Idol. It was a disgrace the way all of the other contestants were applauding the winner while she shook and shuddered like she was going to fall into a dead faint. I’m annoyed at Idol for giving her act face-time when the camera should have been focused on Danny. Yes, I know it’s upsetting to lose, but the eight other people who were passed over managed to keep it together at least until the cameras were off.

Last night, I was in Hollywood to see my favorite movie, The Birds up on the big screen at the Arclight Theater. The event was sponsored by TCM in honor of their 31 Days of Oscar and it truly was a lovely night (thanks for the invite, TCM).

The star of the film, Tippi Hedren was there as was TCM personality Robert Osborne. Tippi looks amazing and I could listen to Robert Osbourne talk in that deep voice of his all night long.

Next month marks TCM’s 15th anniversary as a channel and they have some real special surprises planned so, classic movie fans, stay tuned. My DVR is now officially overloaded. Let’s see what I need to make room for tonight.

Tonight on TV — Thursday, February 19

CBS begins with Survivor 18, then a congressman is murdered on CSI, and that’s followed by a spontaneous blinding on Eleventh Hour. ABC is all dressed up for Fashion Week on Ugly Betty, then Faye Dunaway guests on Grey’s Anatomy, and love is blooming on Private Practice.

Faye Dunaway joins Grey's Anatomy

The CW has reruns of Smallville and Supernatural.

NBC has new episodes of My Name is Earl, Kath & Kim, and reruns of The Office and 30 Rock. It all ends Carter returns for a visit and it’s no so much like old times on ER.

On Fox, a sci-fi fan beams down for the last time on Bones and then it’s another maddening night in Hell’s Kitchen.

Over on cable

SoapNet has the premiere of their new series, Being Erica.

Millionaire Matchmaker is new on Bravo and there’s more Property Shop on HGTV.

Burn Notice is new on USA as is Making the Band and Best Dance Crew on MTV.

News and notable

Men in Trees star James Tupper will move into Mercy Hospital, a new drama about three nurses who are friends.

On Demand network Here! is set to premiere a new reality show about a psychic called The Afterlife.

Project Runway has wrapped its sixth season but you still won’t hear any cheers or sobs from the contestants as the fate of the show is still wrapped up in the courts. Seeing as how one of the contestants must have participated in Fashion Week, I can’t see how they managed to keep the winner a secret.

Look for former American Idol contestant Katherine McPhee on an upcoming episode of CSI.

Photo credit:
Birds Poster — Lars Liljeblad
Grey’s Anatomy: An Honest Mistake — Pictured: Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd, Faye Dunaway, Sara Ramirez. Photo: ABC/Ron Tom


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