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Hayden Panettiere is suddenly single

Workplace romance is always a hot topic and it is now on the set of Heroes as Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia have ended their relationship.

Hayden heading out on the townHeroes’ fans have always thought it a little odd that Panettiere and Ventimiglia, who play uncle and niece, were an item. But regardless, the dynamic duo have called it quits.

A source close to the Heroes set confirms that the couple are finished. Perhaps it was the age difference?

Ventimiglia is 31 and Panettiere is 19 and although the pair swore the 12-year age gap was never an issue, when you are hot in Hollywood, 12 years is an eternity.

It seems that the cheerleader wanted to get out a little more than the more home-bound Ventimiglia and that is precisely where the problems began.

Now suddenly single, the Panettiere watch will commence. She is a paparazzi favorite, whether frolicking in the ocean in a bikini or enjoying a movie with her now-former flame, Ventimiglia. Who she dates next will now be the hot topic for the gossips.

An early favorite is Jesse McCartney. Rumors had the pair snuggling at the Crown Bar last weekend.

Hang in their Hayden, break-ups can be hard, we know.

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