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Chris Brown speaks on Rihanna beating allegation

Chris Brown responds to allegations he assaulted his girlfriend Rihanna. Although the singer did not specifically address the domestic battery charges, what he did do on his Facebook page speaks volumes.

Chris Brown is in a world of troubleThe singer’s Facebook page had his status changed from in a relationship to single.

“You’ll begin to see her true colors,” Brown posted on — speaking of Rihanna. 

The specifics of the Chris Brown charges against Rihanna thus far include his being arrested for making criminal threats.

A 911 call that has not been made public reportedly includes the sounds of Rihanna screaming in the background, an LAPD source close to the investigation says.

As SheKnows previously reported, the LAPD has a witness (the 911 caller) who heard and saw the entire event. They would not have moved to quickly to charge without the witness.

In the coming days more details will emerge, but what is known thus far of what happened to Rihanna and Chris Brown in that car on that fateful night is that the LAPD witness said he heard Brown say “I’m going to kill you” amongst the screams of terror from Rihanna.

News agencies have gone back over old Rihanna photos and one in particular has raised eyebrows. There a period where Rihanna had bruises on her neck that the world did not seem too concerned to question.

Now, in light of the allegations that Chris Brown was chocking her as part of his assault, old Rihanna bruises are coming under intense scrutiny.

Thus far, Rihanna has cancelled several Asian tour dates due to the situation and of course, she missed the Grammys.

The rumor is swirling through Hollywood that Brown was text messaging and flirting with Paris Hilton. These allegations have not even been close to being confirmed.

There appears to be a history of domestic violence in Chris Brown’s past. The singer told Vibe magazine in 2007 that his step father used to beat his mother.

Chris Brown (in back left seat) leaves the LAPD

“He used to hit my mom. He made me terrified all the time, terrified like I had to pee on myself,” Brown said in the interview. “I remember one night he made her nose bleed.”

Brown’s past sounds scarily familiar to his present.

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