American Idol top 36 revealed while Lost rocks

American Idol announces its top 36 and I’m very unhappy about one choice in particular. Why is Idol keeping Tatiana? They’re top heavy with great male singers and it’s a shame some must exit to maintain gender ratio.

There’s some real talent on American Idol this year. We look forward to seeing who makes it to the top ten as SheKnows chronicles everything American Idol.

Singer your heart out girls, American Idol narrows the field

Last night was a much better Fringe than we’ve had in a bit. They wrapped up a couple of loose ends, which I appreciate and I’m digging this creepy Hannibal Lector-ish character that has now turned into Doomsday! What I truly love about Fringe is the attention to detail. Like The Observer hidden in every episode along with a nod to the next episode in the sequence. This time it was a single letter “y” jumping up from the baseline that opened a whole new storyline. I dig it. Sadly Fringe is going on hiatus for about a month. That really hurts on a show like this.

The Mentalist is still on the DVR, but I doubt I’ll get to that tonight with so many more shows to watch!

On Lost, Hurley and Jin have words

Tonight On TV — Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ABC goes with their standard Lost duo, one rerun, one new one and then it’s one of two plots about a singer in danger on Life on Mars.

NBC begins with a crashed airplane on Knight Rider, then singer in danger plot number two comes up on a new Life, and finally a military center is bombed on Law & Order.

CBS starts with the comedies The New Adventures of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried. Next up is a particularly creepy Criminal Minds with a killer who embalms his victims so he can keep them fresher longer! Lastly, it’s a case of human trafficking on CSI: NY as the show continues its hot streak. 

The CW has reruns of Privileged and 90210.

Oh yes, and Fox has this little show called American Idol.

Over on cable

On Bravo, it’s the last challenge before the final and the Top Chef contestants will have to impress one of the all-time culinary greats.

It’s a great night for those who love the paranormal. History Channel looks at cattle mutilations on MonsterQuest and that’s followed by UFO Hunters. SCI FI has a new Ghost Hunters International at 9:00. But if you prefer your creeps with laughs, watch The Addams Family movie on ABCFamily, it’s a favorite of mine.

Knight Rider is also new tonight on NBC

News and notable

Oxygen will unveil Pretty Wicked on March 31. This new reality show has gorgeous but nasty women trying to find their true beauty. Sound familiar? CariDee English from America’s Next Top Model hosts.

BBCAmerica is set to air the musical reality show Any Dream Will Do, where John Barrowman (I adore him) searches for a new star to play the lead in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. I’m excited about this one.

Showtime has given The United States of Tara the green light for a second season.

Success strategist Tony Robbins has been given his own show where he’ll help people reach their full potential.

MTV has given Snoop Dogg his own variety show called Dogg After Dark.

Photo credit:
Lost: This Place is Death — Pictured: Melissa Farman, Daniel Dae Kim. Photo: Mario Perez/ABC
Knight Rider: Fly by Knight — Pictured: Maria Menounos as Jessie Renning, Justin Bruening as Mike Traceur — NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater

Tonight’s clip: Lie to Me promo

Thanks Fox!

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