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Angelina Jolie to Zach Levi, since arriving at SheKnows, the pleasure has been all mine sitting and interviewing celebrities from all corners of the entertainment world.

SheKnows recently published my 100th celebrity interview. The subject proved to be pure Oscar gold. Do you know who it was?

Before she dazzles us, we thought we’d take a look back at 100 interviews in the making.

The Joel D Amos celebrity interview 100:

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to the Oscar stage. She memorably accepted her Oscar for Girl, Interupted and then kissed her

A long away from that and currently making a family with the world’s most gorgeous guy — Brad Pitt — Angelina Jolie is once again an Oscar nominee.

Channeling a mother whose son disappears, only to reappear as someone completely different, Jolie lept at the chance to portray a mother at her wits end who knows the truth coming at her is nothing
but fabrication in the Changeling.  Read on…

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger may be New in Town on screen, but she is hardly the new kid on the block in Hollywood.

An Oscar winner for Cold Mountain, Zellweger is having a little romantic fun with Harry Connick, Jr. in their new comedy.

“Every four months I’m new in town, whenever the next location is for filming. The first order of business is to plop the bags down and what’s going to be home for the next four to six
months or whatever,” Zellweger says. Read on…

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Currently, life is quite good for Russell Crowe. The married, father of two has two Oscars sitting with his beautiful family at home in his
native Australia as his Body of Lies hits theaters with high expectations.

Despite what tabloids have reported, Crowe was a complete gentleman and ran the interview as if he was a stand-up comic. Dressed down in a rugby shirt and jeans, the Oscar-winner
spoke about life as one of the wolrd’s most recognizable faces.

Reuniting with Leonardo DiCaprio for Body of Lies was also on the actor’s mind.  Read on…

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is Anna in He’s Just Not That Into You and her issue is infidelity. It is how Johansson pulls from her
actor’s toolbox that compels the audience to still adore her for falling in love with Bradley Cooper’s married Ben.

Scarlett, who recently married actor Ryan Reynolds, was visibly proud to be part of such an all-star cast. The fact the box office is loving the film cannot hurt her optimistic nature in the

“I think these two characters feel that way about each other. They make such a connection, through Bradley’s character fault of not being able to man up and really commit, because he has so
many weaknesses,” Johansson says. Get the interview…

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher walks into an interview room at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons dazzling in a Zac Posen dress. 

Isla’s Confessions of a Shopaholic alter ego would be proud.

Isla Fisher admits her personal passion for fashion is a little more reduced. “I shop rarely and poorly,” she says with her Australian accent. “When I shop, I get in and out, I
have a mission and I fulfill it.”

Raised by Scottish parents in Australia, Fisher has shot to the A-list with her landing the role of Rebecca Bloomwood in the beloved book that is now a film, Confessions of a Shopaholic.
The Shopaholic series is setting the literary world on fire and producer Jerry Bruckheimer has taken the Madeline Wickham book and brought it to America. Read on…

Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer

Before Twilight become a cinematic blockbuster and a pop culture phenominon, author Stephenie Meyer spoke to SheKnows and
expressed her emotions before the biggest year of her life was about to commence.

“It’s so big,” Meyer says of Twilight.

I don’t know what to say when a parent comes up to me and says, ‘My daughter was not reading, and now she is.’ Books were my whole life. That was my most favorite thing in the whole
world. The fact I can open that door up for somebody — if even for one person — is amazing. To hear that over and over again is kind of crazy.” Read on…

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Currently dominating headlines, Jessica Simpson spoke with SheKnows in the fall of 2008 as her country album was set to make its debut.
Candid, honest and introspective, Simpson was the picture of a show business veteran. She is not even 30 yet.

Jessica Simpson took an incredible risk recording a country record after a career of pop music-based gems. Her vocal talents are pure and if one looks at her background, it is easy to see this
musical transition is as completely organic.

Simpson has gone from pop maven to superstar, whose parents took her and sister Ashlee out of Texas and into the big time. The Simpson clan has been much documented. Simpson is endearingly
refreshing about her experiences leading up to Do You Know’s seismic shift of one of pop’s princess who is now country’s queen. Get the full interview…

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers

Long before Sasha and Malia Obama enjoyed their company, The Jonas Brothers were hanging with SheKnows. The brothers rocketed out of New
Jersey when they made an enormous splash with their debut effort, It’s About Time.

They came back and are ready to be Burnin’ Up. Three brothers, Kevin, Nick and Joseph Jonas caught the eye and ear of a certain Hannah Montana.

Before they knew it they were opening up for Miley Cyrus on her phenomenally successful world tour. Read on…

Diane Lane and Richard Gere

Richard Gere and Diane Lane

Flawless cinematic chemistry is exceptionally rare. Richard Gere and Diane Lane have it burning up the screen or simply walking in a room.

Their third pairing, Nights in Rodanthe, is no difrerent. “It’s true that Richard and I have this thing. It’s wonderful to have the comfort level of all our past conversations
and experiences to not have to wear kid gloves. To get right in there and trust each other’s boundaries and to not be walking on eggshells with somebody you just met,” Lane says.

Days before the dramatic love story hit the big screen, the Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall of today visited with SheKnows. Read on…

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester is all about Gossip Girl.

It is easy to see why, the show posted record numbers for the CW after its premiere. Since its debut in 2007, Gossip Girl has managed to maintain a level of passion that has not been seen
since 90210’s early days.

With reviewer’s quotes ranging from “bad for you” to “hide your kids,” Gossip Girl’s reigning queen has landed the role of her life as the bad girl who makes being bad look so good.

Meester took a moment to chat with SheKnows about the emotions as season two enraptures viewers into television’s most delicious guilty pleasure. Get the full celeb interview…



There are periods in popular music where it seems one producer has his hands in every pot and each of those turns to gold.

In this current era, that man is Timbaland.

Celebrating ten years as a purveyor of the music business the impresario, who was raised in Norfolk, Virginia, made a name for himself in Virginia Beach behind the turntables.

SheKnows was given an exclusive look into how, even as he releases his first solo effort, his true motivation in music is the collaborative effort — regardless of who sits across him. “Part of the
satisfaction for me is us getting in the studio and whatever we come up with is a bonus,” Timbaland says. Read on…

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore tells us that as producer of He’s Just Not That Into You, she could have played any role.

But she chose the part that was perfect for Barrymore’s life at that moment.

“I identified with that character. I worked with my partner Nan, the producer and the writers. I was the middle of doing Grey Gardens and directing this film Whip
Barrymore says. 

“There were so many other great roles and there are so many awesome actors, I just wanted to step back and get into my character. After growing up on Drew’s films, interviewing her was one of my
personal professional hightlights. Read on…

Barack Obama

Obama and McCain at Saddleback Forum

Long before he occupied the White House, Barack Obama was yards away from SheKnows sharing a stage with his opponent at the time, John

It was weeks before the first presidential debate and days away from the stock market crashing.

The issue was culture, and both Obama and McCain gave SheKnows something to think about as I left the Saddleback Church in Orange County. Read
the interview…

Sean Lennon

Sean Lennon

Sean Lennon is a multi-dimensional artist and spoke to me about paving a path all his own.

“Some people feel that it’s controversial if I say that because my dad is known as a political artist,” Lennon says.

“But I don’t really believe that he was a political artist. I think some of his songs were political, and I think they were incredible because he was able to make art that was political and
that wasn’t pedantic,” he admits.

“But I think he was unique in being able to do that. Generally, I would say that my favorite songs of his are not necessarily political. And I wouldn’t even say Imagine is political.
Read on…

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

As Eva Mendes walks down the hall, conversation tends to halt.

Equally talented and beautiful, the star has joined her The Women cast mates at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel. In chorus, they are all singing the praise of their writer-director,
Diane English.

“When I go into my rehearsal, whether it’s Joaquin Phoenix or Denzel Washington, it’s like, I’m all about work. Hair pulled back, and just work, work, work! With this one, it was
like ‘oh, my gosh, what should I wear to rehearsal today?’ Read on…including my video interview!

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick is The Closer.

To me, she is one of the most gifted actresses’ of her generation. For years Sedgwick portrayed the sidekick to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Now, she is in a spotlight all her own.

“I feel like I learn something every time I do a job,” Sedgwick says. “But what’s been exciting about The Closer is sticking with a character that’s strong and getting to
go deeper and deeper and deeper into this person. I try to surprise myself.” Read on…

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon: first visit

It was Reese Witherspoon’s first true foray as a producer of a huge Hollywood film.

One of the most gracious performers I have ever sat across, Reese kept her private life private, but still was open beyond the guarded scene set by publicists.

Penelope stars Christina Ricci, but that did not guarantee box offic success. It did not matter to Witherspoon because the film’s story of loving oneself needed to be heard. Read the full Reese Witherspoon interview…

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio had no reservations when the time arose to work with Ridley Scott.

What most compelled him, DiCaprio tells SheKnows, is his Roger Farris – a CIA agent – is a character so involved in the War on Terror that it has become his life. “Russell is the same
guy,” DiCaprio says of re-teaming with Russell Crowe.

“He couldn’t be more professional. He couldn’t be more of a cooler guy to hang out with. He hasn’t changed.” There is down-to-earth and then there is Leonardo
DiCaprio. Read on…

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks could never be Uninvited. Banks is the hottest actress in Hollywood. The Golden Globe Awards January 11 proved
that fact as Banks served as presenter. Someday soon, she will be a nominee.

Her portrayal of Laura Bush in W won universal raves, Zach and Miri Make a Porno has audiences laughing hysterically, but Banks is not resting on those accomplishments alone.
Banks rivets as the source of the thrills in the thriller The Uninvited. Her secret to being scary?

“It’s still all about being in the scene. You want to be menacing (laughs), and intimidating and threatening, those are the more the words you’re thinking about when
you’re playing these types of characters. It’s still go to hair and make up, go to set and know your lines. It’s a little more fun and it’s all about the other person too.
You can tell if you’re actually threatening someone. They are responding. It’s the same in comedy because you know you’re funny if everyone’s laughing (laughs),”
Banks says. Read on…

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