The Mentalist maintains its heat

Valentine’s Day specials abound on TV tonight while The Mentalist continues its hot streak and American Idol cuts the field.

Mondays have gotten pretty quiet in prime time now that Idol is down to once a week. I tried to watch 24 but I finally gave up and for good this time. Every episode sounds like the one before it. Face it, the spark is gone.

Things are looking much better tonight. Check this out:

Tonight On TV — Tuesday, February 10

ABC starts with the family specials, Be My Valentine Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Valentine. Yes, those are two different shows. Then it’s a double Scrubs followed by True Beauty, likely because it was bumped from last night in most areas.

CBS has a great slate with a new NCIS, then Cho goes undercover on The Mentalist and a man pretending to be a college student vanishes Without a Trace.

Simon Baker and gang on CBS' The Mentalist

NBC goes with The Biggest Loser 7 and then Dateline.

The CW has Naomi and a mystery man on 90210 and a case of intellectual theft on Privileged.

But who is likely to take the night? Fox of course with the American Idol judges looking to cut more than half of the remaining contestants and then get rid of unwanted wrinkles with the new Fringe toxin. The side effect, it removes your entire face.

It's a Star Trek reunion on Leverage on TBS

Over on cable

MTV has two premiers tonight: TI: Road to Redemption and the second season of From G’s to Gents.

TNT has a Star Trek reunion on Leverage and there’s a biopic in the making on FX’s Nip/Tuck.

Try a new Chopped at 10:00 on The Food Network, or visit The Last Restaurant Standing on BBCAmerica.

News and notable

NBC didn’t take long to find a new host for America’s Got Talent, it’s Nick Cannon, which I find a little hard to picture, but okay.

DIY wants to help you make over your kitchen with their new series Kitchen Impossible. The show debuts on March 4.

USA Network made a huge move, buying first rights to a library of Universal films including the Oscar nominated Milk and Frost/Nixon.

Catch Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki and The Mentalist’s Amanda Righetti in Friday the 13th, which opens this Friday, the 13th.

Casting Call: Do you have an unusual family situation such as a family member doing time for a serious crime, an addiction that is breaking apart the family, an unusual health issue? TVLand is looking for families such as these to profile in a new series called Pink Sneakers. Visit the website at: for more information and to apply. (Source: Cynopsis)

Photo credit:
Leverage — Pictured: Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Armin Shimerman. Photo: TNT
The Mentalist: Crimson Casanova — Patrick Jane (center), working with the CBI team (Owain Yeoman, far left, Robin Tunney and Amanda Righetti), comes up with a plan to catch a killer who has his own set of pseudo-mentalist techniques. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS


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