The Fray’s latest their greatest

The Fray released their second album, the self titled release, The Fray and the band with the hugely successful debut album has done it again. We’ve got three videos of the band performing tracks from the new album.

The Fray's latest, The Fray, features 10 outstanding tracks

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The Fray’s latest album has the song You Found Me, which audiences may remember from all those Lost promos this fall. Sure, that song is fabulous and a huge hit, but what about the rest of the album?

SheKnows has three videos sent by the band to celebrate the release of our favorite Colorado group and their triumphant return.

As for the album itself, in many ways it picks up where there debut record left off with its piano-laden powerful melodies. But, The Fray has grown and this new set of tracks showcase a group that is keenly aware of where it is heading in the larger scope of their career.

The Fray manage to avoid the sophomore curse so many groups fall prey to with the release of The Fray. Particularly engaging tracks are Where the Story Ends and the last track on the ten-song set, Happiness.

Isaac Slade’s vocals and songwriting prowess has only sharpened in their year off between records. Also of note is the fact the band chose to go with the same producers of their enormously successful and Grammy-winning debut, Mike Flynn and Aaron Johnson.

Watch for The Fray across America as their second album heads up the charts. The band toured consistently for their last hit record and look for them to hit the ground hard to promote this amazing piece of work.

The Fray: You Found Me acoustic

The Fray: Absolute acoustic

The Fray: Never Say Never acoustic

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