American Idol has Hollywood heartbreak

Katie Couric visits Katy Perry as the CBS anchor gets Grammy fever. Also, American Idol’s Hollywood week got underway. For the contestants, it is the end for quite a few.

I’m not sure who had it better on Idol, those that got to sightsee their first day or take the stage the first day. The sightseeing trip is cool, but how can you enjoy it knowing you could be cut the very next day. I did like that the judges gave a few people the benefit of the doubt even though their stage time went badly. The Osmond kid made it through, as did several of the more unique voices in the bunch and comedian Norman Gentle made it through as well — not sure what to make of that.

After Idol, I stayed on for Fringe which gave me yet another reason to be afraid of flying. Beasts in the bathroom. Hey, it could happen. Loved the bioterrorist side of this one and the undercover sting with Olivia and Peter but I was bored by the whole Olivia-John plotline. This walking around in his memories reminds me of VR5 and that’s not a good thing.

I split the 10:00 hour between Toddlers and Tiaras and Chopped. Toddlers was worth watching just to see this mother struggling with a tantruming two year old, all the while insisting that her daughter loves pageants! In the end it came down to a natural child vs a glamour child — they crowed the glamour girl and then, a day later realized they’d made a scoring error and the wrong child won. Yeah, explain that to a six-year-old. Come to think of it, she’ll probably handle the mistake better than mom will.

Life gets mysterious

Tonight On TV — Wednesday

Hollywood week continues on Fox with American Idol and then it’s an all-new episode of Lie to Me.

NBC’s Knight Rider is new and then Crews and Reese investigate the death of a NASA pilot on the winter premiere of Life. The evening ends with a deadly hostage situation on Law & Order.

The men and women of ABC’s Lost must battle both reruns and time shifts in order to survive, and then it’s a new Life on Mars.

The CW has reruns of Privileged and 90210.CBS goes with a rerun of Criminal Minds, then offers up Katie Couric: All Access Grammy Special, and a rerun of CSI: NY.

Look for Couric to grill Katy Perry as tough as she did Sarah Palin. Well, maybe not.

But, Couric does have Perry, as well as other music superstars including TI and Justin Timberlake. It’s fun to watch Couric playing golf with the former N’ Synch leader.

Other notable guests for the CBS news anchor include Carrie Underwood and The Jonas Brothers.

Katie Couric and Katy Perry, together at last

Over on cable

It’s getting down to the wire on Bravo’s Top Chef New York (look for it in our clip of the day below) and look for more ghosts overseas on SCI FI’s Ghost Hunters International.

HGTV has several new episodes of House Hunters, Income Property and Desperate to Buy.

PBS honors George Carlin with a special starting at 9:00.

News and notable

Kendra Wilkinson, the youngest of the Girls Next Door, is getting her own spin-off series on E!

CBS gave the okay to another (I feel like there have been several) politically-based TV shows, this one called House Rules about freshman congressmen and women.

CBS also picked up a pilot called A Marriage from Thirtysomething creators, Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick

The Jonas Brothers will host a full-night of programming on The CW on February 10 in order to promote their new movie.

Casting Call: Magical Elves is casting for season six of Top Chef. They have stops in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago. To apply, visit the Bravo Casting webpage:

Photo credit:
Life: Re-Entry — Pictured: Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews — NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater
Katie Couric: All Access Grammy Special — Pictured Katy Perry, Katie Couric, — CBS Photo: John Paul Filo

Today’s clip: Top Chef New York


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