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Christian Bale throws a tantrum

Christian Bale has a shouting problem on his hands. Bale is answering questions about an anger management problems after the world had a listen to a tape of him having an anger meltdown.

Bale at the Director's Guild AwardsA tape has emerged, we have it below, of Bale in the midst of a tirade on the set of Terminator: Salvation.

Director of photography Shane Hurlbut was the unfortunate receiver of the scream-fest that has surprised a Hollywood community already stunned from recent charges the actor assaulted his mother and sister.

Christian Bale is Batman and after two films as the caped crusader, one wonders how the man at the heart of the second most profitable film of all-time will respond from an alienate-your-comrades rant.

Hearing the tape, it is astounding. There’s getting angry and then there is an issue that someone does not let go for over three minutes!

What is he thinking? We adore Christian and his impeccable talent. Here’s to hoping the actor gets some help for his anger issues.

We have a censored version of the tape. Considering all the profanity Christian Bale uses in his verbal barrage, please be aware. There is still much to hear.

But, the gist is Bale – in the middle of a scene – became enraged when Shane Hurlbut walked into a shot.

The rest is now history, courtesy of a live microphone.

Christian Bale tape

Courtesy of CNN:


Christian Bale: angry young man or misunderstood?

This is not the first time that Bale has berated someone on set, according to rumors, but the actor has always remained above the fray of any of the allegations ever confirmed as being true.

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