Gossip Girl gets Carnal

Chuck goes 3D tonight. I’m anxious to see how all that works, though I suspect it will leave me with the same headache I get when I play my son’s video games.

Chuck arrives in 3D after a 3-D Super Bowl beginningBefore Chuck enters a new dimension, we have some good news. I was excited to see an email in my box this morning saying that Leverage had been picked up for a second season. This is one of my new favorite shows, loaded with action and clever dialogue and I adore everyone in the cast. If you haven’t seen it, watch it tomorrow night on TNT. It’s kind of a Star Trek reunion with Next Gens’ Jonathan Frakes directing his old co-star Brent Spiner. Last night I cleared off the DVR, finally watching Knight Rider and wow, did this show do a 180. Now that they’ve killed off three of the cast members, they decided to have a shootout and mow down a few innocent bystanders in a pretty brutal (by Knight Rider standards) episode. What appealed to me most was the fact that Mike, though well trained in combat, didn’t come off like Superman. The bad guys got the best of him a number of times which really upped the angst level of the episode. I’m loving the new direction, but it’s probably too little too late and I don’t expect to see the show get a new season pickup. While I pout, you can read about what’s on TV tonight. Leighton and a classmate consider a future on Gossip Girl

Tonight On TV — February

NBC should take the night with an interesting trio of shows. First is a 3-D Chuck, that’s followed by the return of Heroes and the season premiere of Medium. ABC is all new with The Bachelor and True Beauty. The CW has new episodes of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. FOX is all new with House and 24. CBS goes with loads of laughs; The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Worst Week, and then Alexx returns on CSI: Miami.

|Over on cable

VH1 debuts two new shows tonight, the all new I Love Money 2 and For the Love of Ray J. It’s the season finale of Bromance on MTV and DietTribe on Lifetime, and doesn’t it seem like they both just started? ABC Family has new episodes of Secret Life and Kyle XY. TNT is mostly new with The Closer and Trust Me.

News and notable

ABC picked up the pilot for a series called Limelight from McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision (Supernatural!). It’s loosely based on the life of hip-hop producer Pharrell Williams’ and his time at a performing arts school in NY. ABC also picked up a new Jerry Bruckheimer project about amateur crime solvers and Empire State which is a modern day Romeo and Juliet. CBS takes a chance with Back, about a man who disappeared after the attacks on 9/11 then miraculously shows up again. They also picked up pilots on a new FBI drama and a one about the US Attorney’s office in New York. (That’s four out of five pilots set in New York.) ABCFamily gave new season orders to Greek, Lincoln Heights and Secret Life, but it looks like Kyle XY will be going back to wherever he came from. According to a report in the Associated Press, General Hospital will undergo some renovations. After using the same style nursing station for 45 years, I’d say it’s time for an upgrade. Look for the new sets to appear after a “fiery” plotline in April. Photo credit:
Chuck: Chuck vs. The Third Dimension — Pictured: Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski — NBC Photo: Trae Patton
Gossip Girl: Carnal Knowledge Pictured: Yin Chang as Nelly Yuki and Leighton Meester as Blair Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Today’s clip: Gossip Girl


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