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Discover What Not to Wear

What Not To Wear has been right on for years. It still is as terrific as when it debuted. Don’t miss it tonight on TLC.

But first, last night Supernatural took on the horror that is high school. Sam and Dean went back to one of the many schools they attended as teens, but this one really struck a chord with Sam. Seems two of the students he interacted with back then (as seen in flashbacks with the terrific Colin Ford playing Sam) died at the age of 18 and one is now haunting the school. I’m sorry to say this wasn’t a favorite of mine and that makes two in a row. New writers, new director, I miss the Supernatural I used to know. Please come back next week!

I started watching Eleventh Hour but my husband had a fit when he saw the splayed open chest of the man on the autopsy table. He contends that TV has become way too disgusting and I fear he might be right. On Supernatural a kid’s hand was shoved into a food processor and Fringe is always good for at least one truly gross scene per episode. Well, I have 30 Rock on the DVR, surely that will be a safe show for the two of us to watch together…won’t it?

While I sort gross shows from not, you check out what’s on tonight.

Tonight On TV — January 30I can’t believe I’m going to say this but NBC might take the night with a double dose of Howie Do It, followed by a new Friday Night Lights and Dateline. CW has new episodes of Everybody Hates Chris and The Game, and that’s followed by an encore of 13 Fear is Real.

The Game readies for The Game!

ABC goes with a new Wife Swap and two episodes of 20/20. CBS is all reruns, Ghost Whisperer, Flashpoint, Numb3rs. FOX goes with reruns of House and Lie to Me.

Mark and Stacy tell you What To Wear

Over on cable

Speaking of gross scenes on TV, E! has the 20 Best and Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories and that’s followed by one of my faves, The Soup.

SCI FI Channel has a fun line-up of Invasion, Moonlight and a new Battlestar Galactica.

TLC has a new What Not to Wear followed by Nascar Wives.

Monk is new on USA as is Most Haunted USA on Travel Channel.

News and notable

It’s Super Bowl Sunday this weekend and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be there to entertain you. Also, make sure you pick up your 3-D glasses for the preview of Dreamworks Monsters Vs Aliens. You can get them at most convenience stores.

Hang on to those glasses after the Super Bowl, you’ll need them to watch the special 3-D Chuck on Monday night.

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The Game: Do the Wright Thing — Hosea Chanchez (left) stars as Malik with Pooch Hall (rear left) as Derwin, Mookie (center) and Coby Bell as Jason. Photo: Scott Humbert/The CW
What Not to Wear — Pictured: Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. Photo: Brian Doben/TLC

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