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Jessica Simpson workout video lawsuit

Jessica Simpson’s weight woes go deeper than her ugly mom jeans, the singer is being sued over a fitness video that she refuses to release.

Jessica Simpson's weight woes go deeperSimpson shot the workout video back in 2005, but she and her manager, Joe, has since refused to sign off their final approval, preventing it from being released. The production company is suing for $10 million, saying the Simpson camp has destroyed their business.

Now the fitness company’s owner Alex Astilean is speaking out on how the deal went bad from the start — and how Nick Lachey was screwed out of $500,000 by the Simpson camp.

Astilean says the deal was originally offered to Simpson and Lachey as a couple for $1 million — but Joe Simpson insisted Jessica star solo for the entire amount. Why?

Joe acts as Jessica’s manager and gets a cut of her deals, but never received anything from former son-in-law Nick. By removing Nick from the picture, Joe basically doubled his own pay.

“We knew that Joe Simpson gets the percentage just from Jessica’s work,” says Astilean. “We felt sorry for what we did by accepting the final offer, but we were in such a rush to come out with the video. For Joe to screw his own son-in-law for half a million dollars was still not enough, nor was the money from Jessica’s side, because he wanted another Ferrari and was trying to get Jessica’s trainer into the picture and force me to teach him the SpeedFit Routine.”

Turns out Joe was the manager for Jessica’s trainer, Mike Alexander, and wanted the Alexander involved so he could pocket even more cash!

Astilean says the problems started when he rejected Simpson’s proposal to involve Alexander.

He claims that in retaliation, Joe never gave final approval on the video, so it could never be released — despite the fact that it was already shot and the Simpson had already been paid! Now, according to Astilean, the Simpsons have single-handedly kept the country fat and ruined his company.

“What diabolic mind they had to shoot an exercise video for people to lose weight, but to never think about the millions of fat people who needed this video, knowing the entire time that this video would never be released,” he says. “We are now in 2009 and they have dragged this out for so long they ruined the SpeedFit Company and put it in the worst financial crisis. All the assets we had vanished, we cannot afford a lawyer to litigate with them and they got me at the point where they want me to be, broke. All I was trying to do is make this country skinny.”

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