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House gets paternal

House has a baby? It could happen!

Give me a wow factor on the finale of SuperstarsSuperstars of Dance crowns a champion and NBC’s The Last Templar concludes. And that Jack Bauer continues his adventures on 24.

Watching Kiefer Sutherland in Washington D.C. is a real treat this year on 24, in case you haven’t caught up with our best fictional counter-terrorism agent, it is not too late.

Also of note tonight is the exceptional series Kyle XY and The Secret Life of the American Teenager — both prove their mettle tonight on ABC Family.

Tonight On TV — January 26

Superstars of Dance begins NBC’s night while the conclusion of their mini mini-series The Last Templar concludes.

ABC gets real with The Bachelor and True Beauty.

CBS is all reruns; The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Worst Week, and CSI: Miami.

The CW also has reruns of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.

Is House a papa?FOX is new with House and 24.

Over on cable

ABC Family has new episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Kyle XY.

E!’s Fashion Police take on the Screen Actors Guild red carpet.

HGTV has new episodes of Property Virgins, Dear Genevieve and Buy Me.

And the cast reunites on VH1’s Real Chance of Love. A&E has the riviting Intervention.

News and notable

The Screen Actors Guild awards were handed out this weekend with 30 Rock and Mad Men taking top honors in the television categories.

The Disney-ABC syndicated fantasy series Legend of the Seeker will be back for a second year.

ABC has given a pilot order to Happy Town, a Twin Peak-esque mystery about a town with a history of kidnappings.

NBC is looking at a new hospital drama centered around a trauma center.

FOX wants to produce an American version of the British hit Absolutely Fabulous, which I say will be an absolute flop. Photo credit:
Superstars of Dance — Pictured: Bernadette Flynn of Ireland — NBC Photo: Chris Haston
House: Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein, R) discusses balancing her career and raising her child with House (Hugh Laurie, L). Cr: Adam Taylor/FOX

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