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Caroline Kennedy removes herself from NY race

Caroline Kennedy has decided not to be a New York Senator.

Caroline Kennedy will not run for Hillary Clinton's old seatAs the Governor of New York is expected to announce his choice today, a Kennedy will not be the name.

In Manhattan there’s a lot of buzz on the street post-Inauguration, namely the connections with the new administration and a return to somewhat of a Camelot. Which leads us to this transition…JFK’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy has taken her name out of the running to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the next Senator of New York.

Kennedy informed the Governor Patterson she is removing herself from consideration. Although no confirmed reports have indicated a specific cause, we can only speculate: her uncle Ted Kennedy suffered a seizure during a luncheon on Inauguration Day and was rushed to the hospital. Considering his ailing health, we give Caroline Kennedy props for listening to herself and her family, whatever the reasons if they were beyond her uncle Ted Kennedy’s health.

On another note, however, buzz on the street in Manhattan also considered this: Caroline Kennedy, although a very intelligent attorney, has not previously served public office. We’re thinking this should probably be a requirement for the job, yes? There were in fact other candidates in the running aside from Ms. Kennedy. She bowed out gracefully and we are wondering of the NY Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo will be appointed the job.

In any event, our hearts and prayers are with the health of her uncle, Ted Kennedy.

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