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American Idol thoughts as Superman returns

American Idol last night saw Idol threats and a lot of defensive body language.

American Idol began in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Or maybe that should be the other way around? The producers have stayed true to their word by limited the airtime for the crazy people but there were a few that had to be seen to be believed. The most interesting was Mark Mudd, descendant of the famous Dr. Mudd who treated John Wilkes Booth after the Lincoln assassination. Mudd had a full-on country twang that would never make it on Idol so he was sent packing. His farewell words to the judges? Be careful. I’m with Paula on this one, that sounds like a threat. Yeah, I say that to my teenager and grandmas say it to their grandkids, but isn’t that a rather odd thing to say when leaving the judging room on Idol? I hope security walked this guy out.

Next up was the premiere of Lie to Me. Let me start by saying, I hate it when a network purposely runs a show long just to keep you from switching channels! The six minute overage played havoc with my DVR which was trying to record Top Chef and Law & Order. Come on Fox, have some confidence in your own show, will you?

The truth is, Lie to Me held my attention through to the very end. It’s a sharper version of The Mentalist with Tim Roth taking the lead as an expert in body language and facial expressions. What I found truly fascinating was how they used photos of famous people to demonstrate their theories. The show hit the ground running with two very different plots woven together, one about a boy accused of murdering his teacher, the other about a senator accused of improper sexual acts. It was a lot to take in but I enjoyed the characters and the show’s styling so I’ll be tuning in again next week.

Last up was Restaurant Wars on Top Chef. This is the day where two teams much each build a restaurant from scratch — theme, decor, menu and service. It’s a tough enough job without a round of slap and tickle to make things awkward in the kitchen. Yes, Hosea and Leah went for a round of groping on the couch the night before then both recorded confessionals about how it was a big mistake as they both have steadies back home. Make that had steadies. It threw them both off their game but they’re bacon was saved by Stefan’s fabulous desserts and Fabio’s front of the house personality. Radhika was sent packing for being a bad leader and, well, she didn’t even cook anything and it was her concept, so I’m happy with her going home. Overall though, a tough call.

My favorite show, Supernatural, is on, so it’s an easy call for me tonight.. I’m counting the hours.

Bones goes to the Circus

Tonight On TV, January 22

You know that circus episode of Bones that they’ve been promoting for two weeks now? It’s on, tonight. Finally. Not only that but Fox is airing two new episodes tonight, the second has Booth as a suspect in the death of a hockey player.

ABC is going strong with Ugly Betty, then there’s controversy on Grey’s Anatomy when it’s suggested they use the organs of a death row inmate to save a young boy’s life. That’s followed by a new Private Practice.

CBS mixes it up a little with a repeat CSI and then a new episode that makes Langston wonder if he did the right thing taking this job! Then it’s the case of the disappearing tumor on Eleventh Hour.

Finally, NBC has the laughs with My Name is Earl, Kath & Kim, The Office, and 30 Rock, and that’s followed up by ER.

Over on The CW, Clark goes undercover as a police officer on Smallville, and Barry Bostwick guests on a magical episode of Supernatural.

Smallville gets Super

Over on cable

Michael goes after a medical scam artist on a new Burn Notice on USA at 10:00.

It’s always funny until someone gets hurt. It’s Greg Behrendt’s Wake-Up Call on SoapNet.

LA Ink is new on TLC as is Dragons’ Den on BBC America.

And for you DIY lovers, This Old House returns with hour long episodes tonight on your local PBS station.

News and notable

The BBC spy series MI-5 is coming to PBS. Check your local stations for times and dates.

CMT has signed a deal for eight new episodes of the old Fox series Nanny 911.

Fine Living Network announced their new slate of shows which includes a Punk’d for home improvement fans that have a comedy team doing crazy renovations in order to shock the home owner before doing them for real. Can you say, waste of time and materials?

ET reports that George Clooney is on the set of ER taping scenes for the series finale.

Casting Call: WE TV and producers of series Platinum Weddings are looking for expectant mothers in the Los Angeles area who will spare no expense for their new babies. Email names, contact numbers, email addresses, due date, photo of parents and a brief description of your baby purchases and desires to . (Source: Cynopsis) Photo credit:
Bones: Double Trouble in the Panhandle. Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX
Smallville: Pictured: (L to R) Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Sam Witwer as Davis Bloom, Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Cassidy Freeman as Tess and Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels, The CW

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