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50 Lost trivia questions

Lost steams into season five


1. d. Oceanic six
2.  d. Early ’70s red Camaro 
3.  b. False
4.  b. Tell her sister she loves her
5. c. Jack
6. d. Capture Benjamin Linus
7. c. For their skills to perform a specific purpose
8. a. Polar bear skeleton
9. b. He’s not wearing a wedding ring
10. c. Staples
11. c. A bracelet
12. d. His boss
13. a. Hurley
14. b. Miles
15. d. There’s nothing back there for him
16. b. False
17. c. To get information from Miles
18. a. Made it to the freighter okay 
19. b. False
20. f. B and C only
21. c. Proximity to the island
22. b. Your consciousness time travels but the body stays where it is
23. c. 1996
24. a. True
25. d. Desmond
26. c. Stanhope
27. a. an electrical station
Frequently shirtless, Sawyer is the resident bad boy28. c. prevent the release of the gas
29. b. Charles Widmore wants the island to exploit it
30. d. his marriage with Harper has been troubled for a year
31. d. All the above
32. c. Charles Widmore’s
33. b. He has the resources to stage a fake plane wreckage with 324 dead people
34. a. Proximity to the island
35. d. Michael
36. e. All the above
37. c. Fiji
38. b. False
39. d. Thailand
40. a. Kill everyone on board
41. d. He last saw Jacob’s cabin and knows where it is
42. d. All the above
43. a. Calling the smoke monster to attack them
44. c. He claims he’s got a stomach bug
45. b. False
46. c. appendectomy
47. b. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
48.a . True
49. a. Someone is going to visit Jack, too
50. d. Christian, Claire’s father

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