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50 Lost trivia questions

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Lost Trivia: final 25

25.) Who is Faraday’s constant?
a. Eloise
b. Charlotte
c. Penny
d. Desmond

26.) Harper’s last name is:
a. Goodwin
b. Hopeman
c. Stanhope
d. Goodhope

27.) Juliet tells Jack the Tempest is:
a. an electrical station
b. a chemical and gas station
c. a radiation station
d. a hydro-power station

28.) Faraday and Charlotte want to:
a. release the gas and kill everyone on the island
b. release the gas so they can join the Others
c. prevent the release of the gas
d. prevent Juliet from warning Ben

29.) Ben tells Locke:
a. Penny Widmore wants the island to find Desmond
b. Charles Widmore wants the island to exploit it
c. Arthur Widmore wants the island to reestablish the Dharma Initiative
d. Clifford Widmore wants the island so he can disappear and go off the grid

Kate and Jack share a moment30.) Goodwin justifies his romantic involvement with Juliet because:
a. he and Harper are divorced
b. he is always having an affair with someone
c. his wife died
d. his marriage with Harper has been troubled for a year

31.) What does Juliet tell Sun will happen to her?
a. In three weeks, Sun will be constantly nauseous
b. In four weeks, Sun will have shortness of breath
c. In five weeks, Sun will slip into a coma and die
d. All the above
e. None of the above

32.) Whose boat is it?
a. Penny’s
b. Ben’s
c. Charles Widmore’s
d. Christian Shephard’s

33.) Why does Captain Gault say they want Ben?
a. To rescue the survivors
b. He has the resources to stage a fake plane wreckage with 324 dead people
c. Revenge for killing The Dharma Initiative members
d. To exploit the island’s natural resources

34.) Captain Gault believes the crew’s experiencing cabin fever because:
a. Proximity to the island
b. They’re mentally unbalanced to begin with
c. Someone poisoned their food
d. They’ve watched “The Shining” too much

Ben and Jack, another unlikely Lost alliance35.) Kevin Johnson is:
a. An unknown deckhand
b. Roderick Johnson’s brother
c. Naomi’s boyfriend
d. Michael

36.) How many different ways did Michael try to kill himself?
a. Blow himself up
b. Shoot himself
c. Crashing his car
d. B and C only
e. All the above

37.) From what port did Michael leave with the freighter?
a. Bali
b. Sydney
c. Fiji
d. Tahiti

38.) Ben says the Temple is the only safe place left on the island and wants everyone to go and hide there.
a. True
b. False

Sayid, ever serious on Lost39.) Friendly tells Michael that Widmore dug up the 324 corpses from where?
a. Vietnam
b. Cambodia
c. Laos
d. Thailand

40.) Michael is going on the boat to:
a. Kill everyone on board
b. Be a deckhand
c. Be a mechanic
d. Be a cook

41.) Ben and Locke need Hurley because:
a. They don’t want to lose any more of their group
b. The smoke monster likes Hurley and will leave him alone
c. Hurley is a good tracker
d. He last saw Jacob’s cabin and knows where it is

42.) Widmore claims:
a. The island is his
b. Ben took everything he has from him
c. He has started to have nightmares
d. All the above
e. None of the above

43.) Ben defeated Keamy and his men by:
a. Calling the smoke monster to attack them
b. Killing Keamy’s wife
c. Out gunning and out manning them
d. Blogging about Keamy’s history on the internet

44.) Jack is searching for antibiotics because:
a. Kate is sick
Sun is a light on Lostb. There aren’t any crackers
c. He claims he’s got a stomach bug
d. He’s already becoming addicted to prescription medicine

45.) Faraday and Charlotte have proven they can be trusted.
a. True
b. False

46.) Jack has to undergo what surgery?
a. Back surgery to remove a tumor
b. Chest surgery for a punctured lung
c. appendectomy
d. Tonsil removal

47.) What is the story Jack reads to Aaron?
a. Through the Looking Glass
b. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
c. Jabberwocky
d. The Hunting of the Snark

48.) Charlotte can speak Korean.
a. True
b. False

49.) What is the warning that Hurley gives Jack?
a. Someone is going to visit Jack, too
b. Jack is not supposed to marry Kate
c. The IRS is going to audit Jack
d. Jack has work to do

50.) Who is it that takes Claire away in the jungle?
a. Carole, Claire’s mother
b. Charlie
c. Thomas, Claire’s ex-boyfriend
d. Christian, Claire’s father

Up next…the answers!

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