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50 Lost trivia questions

Lost returns to ABC tonight. With the high expectations that the Matthew Fox starring show has, we decided to tribute season five with 50 Lost trivia questions. See how well you know the survivors of Oceanic 815 and the thrilling drama that has America Lost with delight.

Feel free to visit and help yourself find these answers. With a mythology that is so vast, any help a soul can get is welcomed in order to be Lost and found.

Lost season five begins tonight on ABC

For those who do not know, Lost stars Fox as a doctor who survives a plane crash on a mysterious island. Along with three dozen survivors, through season four they have been making a life for over 90 days on an island that is hardly paradise.

Monsters, mysterious forces and death lurks at every turn and has Fox and his Lost cast mates constantly on edge. As the thrills play out on the small screen, the audience faces similar emotions as the ensemble from the show they adore tries to find their way home. To call Lost a thrill-fest is the understatement of this young millennium.

1.) What is the phrase Hurley uses to describe himself to the cops?
Jin, Hurley and Sawyer take a breaka. Oceanic secret
b. Oceanic survivor
c. Oceanic sequel
d. Oceanic six

2.) Hurley’s high-speed freeway chase car of choice is:
a. Late ’70s black Trans Am
b. Late ’60s green Mustang
c. Early ’70s yellow Hemi ‘Cuda
d. Early ’70s red Camaro

3.) Hurley tells the detective he knew Ana Lucia and was friends with her.
a. True
b. False

4.) What is Naomi’s last request?
a. Tell her mom she loves her
b. Tell her sister she loves her
c. Tell her husband she loves her
d. Tell her daughter she loves her

Matthew Fox smolders as Jack5.) Who visits Hurley at Santa Rosa mental institute:
a. Kate
b. Sawyer
c. Jack
d. Claire

6.) What is the freighter people’s real objective?
a. Rescue the survivors
b. Join the Others
c. Re-establish The Dharma Initiative
d. Capture Benjamin Linus

7.) Why were Faraday, Miles, Charlotte and Lapidus selected for the team?
a. For their military training
b. For their high-risk covert-ops experience
c. For their skills to perform a specific purpose
d. For field experience

8.) What does Charlotte find in the desert?
a. Polar bear skeleton
b. King Tut’s tomb
c. The Lost Ark
d. Four-toed statue

9.) How does Lapidus know the flight 815 pilot shown in the wreckage isn’t who they say he is?
a. He’s wearing the wrong uniform
b. He’s not wearing a wedding ring
c. He’s the wrong height
d. He’s doesn’t have a mustache

Claire's fate was left up in the air10.) What is Charlotte’s middle name?
a. Susan
b. Scrubb
c. Staples
d. Shift

11.) What was the item that made Sayid be more humane towards Naomi and Elsa?
a. A love letter
b. A child
c. A bracelet
d. A parent

12.) What did Elsa want from Sayid?
a. His love
b. A job
c. His friendship
d. His boss

13.) Who helped trap Sayid and Kate?
a. Hurley
b. Claire
c. Rose
d. Sawyer

14.) What does Sayid trade for Charlotte?
a. Food
b. Miles
c. Money
d. Medicine

Kate is in the midst of a love triangle15.) What reason does Sawyer tell Kate he wants to stay on the island?
a. The white, sandy beaches
b. The electricity and beds
c. To go on permanent vacation
d. There’s nothing back there for him

16.) Jack tells the true story of the Oceanic 815 crash at Kate’s trial.
a. True
b. False

17.) Kate stayed with Locke’s group:
a. To stay with Sawyer
b. To steal Aaron from Claire
c. To get information from Miles
d. To play backgammon with Locke

18.) Sayid and Desmond:
a. Made it to the freighter okay
b. Died on the island
c. Defected to Locke’s group
d. Have not arrived at the freighter yet

19.) Kate is pregnant on the island.
a. True
b. False

20.) What are the terms of Kate’s plea bargain?
Ben and Locke forge an unlikely alliancea. Four years jail time
b. Ten years probation
c. Cannot leave the state during probation
d. All of the above
e. A and B only
f. B and C only
g. None of the above

21.) Minkowski says this is causing everyone to go crazy:
a. Lead poisoning
b. Radiation poisoning
c. Proximity to the island
d. Proximity to the Sunda Trench

22.) Faraday’s concept of time travel is:
a. You create a worm hole and step into it to time travel
b. Your consciousness time travels but the body stays where it is
c. You have to go faster than the speed of light to time travel
d. You can’t change the future and time travel is impossible

23.) What year does Desmond think it is?
a. 2004
b. 1999
c. 1996
d. 2008

24.) Penny knows about the island and has done research into it.
a. True
b. False

Up next…the final 25!

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