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CSI bids farewell to William Petersen’s Grissom

CSI says goodbye to Gil Grissom as founding cast member William Petersen walks away from the top-rated show.

CSI will not be the same without Grissom as embodied by Petersen, but the series is in good hands with the legendary actor Lawrence Fishburne.

But first, the second night of American Idol auditions had me reaching for the TV remote to see what else was on. Too much set-up, can’t stand to watch singers being laughed at by the judges, simply nothing much to see here. Except for an appearance by Jason Castro’s brother who took up singing a month ago figuring that if “Jay” can do it, so can he. And I’ll be darned, he wasn’t bad. If Castro two makes it to the stage, I think that would be an Idol first.

Don’t miss Reality TV Magazine’s look at the best auditions so far. Read on here.

Knight Rider cleaned house last night when injuries forced Carrie to give up her life in law enforcement (hallelujah!). Then a plane crash took the life of KITT’s creator, Sarah’s father played by Bruce Davison. Now him I’ll miss. Top Chef went down on the farm last night, challenging the contestants to whip up a truly fresh meal based on seasonal ingredients they picked themselves. Ariane was sent home for badly butchering (in more ways than one) the lamb and things are getting ugly.

Lastly, I watched the day-old Leverage that was on the DVR. I saved it because it’s one of my favorite shows and I don’t like to be rushed. In this one, the gang infiltrates the wedding of a Mafia don and it couldn’t have been funnier. “These peaches won’t poach themselves, you know!”

And now we move on tonight and the return of my number one show — Supernatural! It’s a great stand alone episode so if you’ve never watched before, now is your chance to get on board.

Tonight On TV — Thursday, January 15

The President says farewell tonight so that’s going to throw a chink in the schedule depending where you live.

CBS is making it a farewell night as Grissom says goodbye to CSI and then it’s a rash of violent outbursts that has Hood stumped on Eleventh Hour.

CSI veteran William Peterson says goodbye

ABC follows the President with Scrubs, a visit by Derek’s Mother (Tyne Daly) on Grey’s Anatomy and it’s topped off with Private Practice.

Fox brings back Kitchen Nightmares only to end that show’s run. They’ve been advertising Bones all week, but I don’t know how that will fit into the schedule.

NBC: pulls out the comedies, My Name is Earl, The Office, 30 Rock, and tops it with ER.

The boys are back on SupernaturalThe CW has a big night planned when the Legion of Superheroes descend on Smallville, then an ultra-scary haunted house is the focus of a new Supernatural.

Over on cable

A&E pulls the wraps off the much-anticipated series The Beast which stars Patrick Swayze as an unconventional FBI agent.

Randy Jackson is back with a new season of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV at 10:00.

HGTV has new episodes of House Hunters and Property Shop.

Travel Channel looks at Notorious: San Francisco and VH1 premieres Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House.

News and notable

It’s looking like the Gossip Girl spin-off will be set in Los Angeles and maybe in the 1980’s.

According to USA Today, Desperate Housewives’ 100th episode will be a blast from the past, showing how some of the main characters became what they are.

Chevy Chase will be chasing Chuck. The SNL actor has been signed on for a three episode arc.

Casting Call: Lifetime is looking for more friends to appear on DietTribe. You must live in the Los Angeles area and we willing to work with coaches and trainers to lose weight. The group must be 4 to 5 friends looking to lose at least 40 pounds per person. Interested? Send an email to (Source: Cynopsis)

Photo credit:
Supernatural: Family Remains – Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam in Supernatural on The CW. Photo: Michael Courtney
CSI: One to Go — The CSI team is stunned and saddened after Grissom’s announcement that his time as a CSI has come to an end. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

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