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Brideshead Revisited passion on DVD

Brideshead Revisited, once a stellar PBS series, has been given the big screen treatment from Miramax and the box office hit lands on DVD this week.

Brideshead Revisited out on DVDEmma Thompson heads a stellar cast in a tale of forbidden love, privilege and class, Brideshead Revisited possesses a roster of talent culled from some of the best British films you’ve seen.

A provocative story of love, power, and betrayal featuring an unrivaled turn by two-time Oscar-winner Thompson, the Brideshead Revisited DVD debuts with deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes documentary that looks into the film’s acclaimed recreation of the self-indulgent world of British upper classes.

Director Julian Jarrold (Becoming Jane) transports audiences to England in the 1920’s where a young artist desires for a woman and a house that he can never attain within the current social framework.

Shot in stunning locations in England, Morocco and Venice, and featuring spectacular costumes and sumptuous settings, Brideshead Revisited has the sweeping romance that makes it perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.

We’ve got scenes from the DVD including bonus features showcasing why Brideshead Revisited continues to be a compelling story long after Evelyn Waugh wrote it decades ago.

First up, Miramax has given SheKnows this DVD preview of the delicious film, Brideshead Revisited.

Brideshead Revisited

DVD Trailer: 

Brideshead Revisited clip 1

Not One of Us:

Brideshead Revisited clip 2

On the beach: 

Brideshead Revisited clip 3

Matter of Faith:


Exclusive! Clip from the DVD Bonus Features

Extraordinary extras: 

Exclusive! Clip from the DVD Bonus Features 2

No Ambiguity 

What’s it about?

Today’s soap operas have nothing on Brideshead’s tangled plot.

Sebastian is an aristocrat who oozes charm. When he invites his good friend Charles Ryder to his estate, Charles falls under the spell of the high life and by Sebastian’s sister, Julia. Conflict, passion and fantastic acting ensue.

Charles Ryder (Matthew Goode), a young man of modest means but considerable ambition, has just begun his studies at Oxford University, when he encounters flamboyant aristocrat and fellow student Sebastian Flyte (Ben Whishaw). Infatuated with his new friend’s hedonistic lifestlye, Charles eagerly accompanies him to the family’s opulent mansion, Brideshead, where he becomes entranced by the eccentric clan and the palatial 18th century estate. When Charles falls for Sebastian’s beautiful sister Julia, portrayed by Hayley Atwell, his friend reacts with jealousy. Sebastian’s commanding mother, Lady Marchmain (Thompson) immediately rules out the possibility of marriage for reasons of class and religion.

As Charles involvement with the Marchmain family increases, the stunning realization that everything at Brideshead comes with a price may be too much to stomach.

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