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Kelly Clarkson new single released early

Kelly Clarkson is smart. As another American Idol season begins, Clarkson is gearing up to remind America she was the first American Idol champion.

Kelly's prime for a comebackClarkson has a new album due in March, but her first single, the honestly tilted My Life Would Suck Without You, has hit radio airwaves earlier than any expected. We’ve got it below!

Could it be the promotional machine behind Clarkson, one of American Idol’s best and most popular singers in their history, realized that after her disappointing last effort that Idol fans needed to be reminded why they loved her so much?

Either way the song rocks and Kelly has announced to the world that the angry, scorned lover singer she portrayed on her last record is no where to be found in Suck Without You.

Trying to recapture the impeccable magic she crafted with Since U Been Gone, Clarkson has teamed with the producing tandem of Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

Luke and Martin have been busy of late, enjoy Katy Perry’s Kissed A Girl? That’s them!

As her romantic ballad Breakaway scores the Renee Zellweger trailer for New in Town, audiences are yet again provided evidence of why we love American Idol in the first place.

How American Idol takes an individual from a small town in Texas and turns them into a multi-platinum selling artist is pure American Dream and that’s why we sign up each year.

Kelly Clarkson readies for Valentine's Day?Nothing has been announced, but watch for Clarkson to sing on the show that made her famous sometime before the album drops in March.

I would not be surprised to also see a follow-up visit on American Idol’s 50-million viewer finale in May.

Although Clarkson may have shunned the Idol spotlight in the last years trying to forge her own path, because of her rocking, yet unpopular, last record, the monster that is American Idol is one that Clarkson is in dire need of hugging.

Clarkson’s album, All I Ever Wanted hits stores March 17. Talk about March Madness!

Kelly Clarkson’s new single


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