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American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi makes her debut

Kara DioGuardi took to the American Idol set like an old pro. DioGuardi, for those who have followed her career, has been a complete professional for years.

American Idol gets going with Kira DioGuardiWatching DioGuardi alongside Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell on the season premiere of American Idol, it was if DioGuardi has been there this entire time.

Painful auditions can be handled in a variety of manners.

Jackson tends to be flabbergasted that the person does not know they cannot sing. Abdul usually thanks them for coming out and tells them they look nice. Simon, well, we all know how Cowell handles bad singers.

But, DioGuardi, simply being herself without trying to find a niche for herself, managed to stand out amongst the seasoned judges with her demeanor and candor.

American Idol producers handled DioGuardi’s introduction effectively. By beginning the show with an video intro of the singer-songwriter’s credits including hits penned for Jewel, Celine Dion and Kelly Clarkson, they showed her resume reads with more credit than even Jackson’s.

Welcome to American Idol, KaraFrom the first American Idol contestant — after promising less terrible auditions, Fox rolled out Tuan Nguyen — doing his best-worst Michael Jackson. Not shy in the least, DioGuardi told Nguyen, “I’ve never seen anything like that and in a not-so-good way.”

After eight years of the terrific three, the fab four has now arrived in the judging team of Cowell, Abdul, Jackson and DioGuardi.

Back when DioGuardi was announced as a new judge on Idol, Cowell was nice, but did say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Cowell was overruled by show producers and so far, at least for one night of American Idol, DioGuardi proved herself and showed that if something is not broken, it does not mean it could not be improved.

Did we mention she called the bikini clad contestant a ‘b’ word that rhymes with witch!

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