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Angelina Jolie wraps maternity leave

Angelina Jolie says she may take a break from saving the world one zygote at a time to make another movie.

Angie and Brad at the Golden Globe AwardsAlthough it doesn’t seem like Jolie took much of a maternity leave — she was doing press for several flicks before and after the birth of twins Knox and Vivienne — the actress claims she had not worked in a year prior.

“I have had a year off and I may work for a few months,” Jolie says. “But if I do, I’m probably going to take another year and a half or two (off). I’m going to work a lot less.”

Work in front of the cameras, at least. We doubt that her uterus will be taking a break any time soon.

During an interview this fall while promoting The Changeling, Jolie says, “We are going to have more kids, one way or another.”

That sounds ominous, like they will start raiding maternity wards for a color they don’t have yet or conjure a baby out of the dreams of Jennifer Aniston’s empty womb.

Shouldn’t someone who acts so concerned about poverty recognize the problems caused by overpopulation and wear flannel pajamas to bed once in a while?

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