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Malia and Sasha go to school, a Gossip Girl gets divorced

Malia and Sasha Obama, the upcoming first children of America, have had quite a week. For that matter, so did several celebrities.

Obama and his girls

Sasha and Malia start school

The Obama girls began their new life at Sidwell Friends School this week in Washington. Father Barack Obama has been working hard beginning his transition into becoming the President of the United States of American on Inauguration Day, January 20. Sasha and Malia began their year as any normal kid would do after the holidays are over. They went back to school.

Sure, they were surrounded by Secret Service and rightly so, but their mama Michelle made sure their daughters were in good stead when they started their new school, Sidwell Friends. Remember those jittery feelings you’d get the night before the first day of school? We can only imagine how it would be magnified being under that type of microscope.

In fact, the Obamas arrived in D.C. more than two weeks ahead of the January 20th inauguration so their girls could begin classes in a normal schedule with their new peers who also returned to school today. The First Family is staying at the Hay-Adams hotel until they move into their new digs. And by that we mean the White House!

SNL news

You know how sometimes you watch Saturday Night Live and you like the host but don’t really rock out until the musician shows up? Taylor's headlining SNL!Yet, there are other weeks you really can’t stand the host but really dig the rockers? Meet the line-up for Saturday, January 10 — we guarantee it’ll be a win-win.

Okay, guarantee’s a strong word. How about you’ll be pleased? Ok, we’ll quit while we’re ahead. Neil Patrick Harris will host and Taylor Swift with her amazing new album will be the musical guest.  Can’t hardly wait!

Steve Jobs: hormone imbalance

It’s inconceivable to us that CEO’s and powerhouses like Apple’s Steve Jobs would ever be vulnerable to illnesses like the rest of us. But alas, my friends, he is indeed human. He shared a letter on the Apple website about his health and to basically squash rumors saying he’s incredibly ill.

Here’s his synopsis:
As many of you know, I have been losing weight throughout 2008. The reason has been a mystery to me and my doctors. A few weeks ago, I decided that getting to the root cause of this and reversing it needed to become my #1 priority.

Fortunately, after further testing, my doctors think they have found the cause—a hormone imbalance that has been “robbing” me of the proteins my body needs to be healthy. Sophisticated blood tests have confirmed this diagnosis.

The remedy for this nutritional problem is relatively simple and straightforward, and I’ve already begun treatment. But, just like I didn’t lose this much weight and body mass in a week or a month, my doctors expect it will take me until late this Spring to regain it. I will continue as Apple’s CEO during my recovery.

Gossip Girl's Blake Lively and Kelly Rutherford

The Queen’s reign continues

And no, we don’t mean the Queen of Talk, Oprah, as she battles her demons with food in ’09 and we have no doubt she will prevail once more. We’re talkin’ about Queen Latifah! She’s signed on for another year at Jenny Craig. In case you weren’t paying attention (because quite honestly there’s so much going on lately), she lost twenty pounds last year. Her goal was impressive: instead of getting skinny she yearned to achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and fitness.

Gossip Girl break up

Got your attention?

In the files that make us wonder what is really going on, seriously who would divorce mid-pregnancy a la Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen, we have to stop and wonder.

This just in: Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford and her husband are splitsville. Rutherford, 40, is three months pregnant and filed for divorce on December 30. Rutherford cites irreconcilable differences and yet her German entrepreneur hubby filed for legal separation the very same day. Rutherford already has a two year-old son. We wish them strength in what must be a very emotional time.

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