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Anne Hathaway’s Bride Wars with Kate Hudson

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson go at it in Bride Wars, opening nation-wide January 9. The story pits Hathaway and Hudson’s characters in a battle over best friends who have inadvertently scheduled their wedding on the same day. Let the games begin.

Hathaway has been an incredible career roll of late and Bride Wars should only keep her momentum moving. Her turn in Rachel Getting Married is garnering raves and Hathaway is expected to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. In our interview with her for that film, she describes how the joy of appearing on film is a nice distraction from her turbulent 2008 relationship-wise.

Hathaway and Hudson catch the boquet in Bride Wars

“It’s experiences like this that made me want to be an actor. So I’ve been very lucky to be here,” Hathaway says of her time on set with director Jonathan Demme for Rachel Getting Married.


To read the entire interview, read here.


At the opposite end of the story spectrum is the comedy Bride Wars that put Hathaway in a wedding fight of another kind. Where in Rachel Getting Married, Hathaway was the difficult recovering drug addict who makes her sister’s wedding the opportunity to return to the family, in Bride Wars, Hathaway and Hudson are best friends and her character has all her senses. Well, except for that scene where Hathaway is charging into Hudson’s wedding in the trailer for Bride Wars



Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway have a bridal staring contest

Bride Wars is not only about Hudson and Hathaway, scene stealers abound. The Women’s Candice Bergen stars as a wedding planning caught in the middle and Kristen Johnston is earning raves as an enemy of Hathaway’s.


Johnston tells the Los Angeles Times that her Bride Wars experience was effortless, even with the sisterly stress expressed on screen.


“I’ve never met a woman like them, and if I did, I would despise her,” she says. “But both of those (Hudson and Hathaway) have so much natural charm, I think maybe that’s why it works. You can forgive them a lot.”


Hathaway and Hudson’s Bride Wars joins a long list of wedding films that audiences never get enough of from Father of the Bride, Wedding Crashers to Mamma Mia



What are your favorite wedding films?


When Bride Wars opens tomorrow across the country, the chick flick takes on a new dimension. Battling brides who would on any other day, be each other’s Maid of Honor, is a fantastic source of cinematic comic explosions. Bride Wars is a surefire hit and with Hathaway and Hudson stealing scenes from each other with each passing moment on film, watch for it to become a wedding movie standard well into the future.


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