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Courteney Cox Scrubs while 90210 rocks

Courteney Cox joins Scrubs as the hit hospital comedy moves to ABC and Simon Baker gets hot on The Mentalist.

Before Cox scrubs into Scrubs and the rest of TV tonight hits screens, my look at last night:

Most of last night was taken up by the second episode of Superstars of Dance. The dancers were equally as impressive as the first night but controversy reared its ugly head when it came to the question of ‘what is dance?’ Gauchos working their bolos were highly skilled, but is that a dance? A martial arts master was docked points for his routine for the same reason. The one that really surprised me though were the low marks for the Chinese acrobatic team. She performed on pointe on his shoulder! If she had done those moves on the floor it would have been called ballet, but here it was dubbed acrobatics and they were voted down.

This brings me to my biggest complaint about the show, the way the eliminations are handled. Unlike most reality shows, they don’t spend ten minutes recapping a performers life story before and after a commercial break before announcing who is out. On the contrary, this show eliminates people so swiftly, I don’t even know who was let go! How about a balance, people? At least let those acts that have been bumped come out on stage and take a final bow.

Judging aside, this show takes a fascinating look at world cultures through dance and that makes it worth watching with the whole family.

Tonight On TV – Tuesday, January 6

ABC has another big night of premieres. First up is Homeland Security, an unusual reality show for ABC, which follows the border guards on their rounds. Next is the season premiere of Scrubs with guest star Courteney Cox and that’s follow by Primetime: What Would You Do?

Sarah Chalke and Courteney Cox on Scrubs

NBC is also all new starting with the seventh season premiere of The Biggest Loser and rolling into a shocking Law & Order: SVU.

Simon Baker takes a phone call on The MentalistThe CW has new episodes of 90210 and Privileged.

FOX has reruns of House and Fringe.

CBS has all new episodes of their Tuesday night shows. First McGee is trapped in a woman’s prison during a riot on NCIS, then Jane quits in order to track down Red John on Simon Baker’s The Mentalist and finally, it’s a teen with a secret life on Without a Trace.

Over on cable

The Real Housewives of Orange County is new tonight on Bravo.

Biography has a special on the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek.

Nip/Tuck is new on FX as is The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen.

VH1 counts down the 40 Greatest Pranks.

The Leverage crew gets involved with a scammer who preys on couples looking to adopt. That’s on TNT at 10:00.

News and notable

Getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday? Make sure you pick up your 3-D glasses at a Pepsi retailer in the coming weeks. You’ll need them to see the 90-second Monsters vs. Aliens preview from DreamWorks Animation. It’s being called the largest media-advertising event in history.

Lionsgate bought TV Guide Channel and the TV Guide website. I find that odd.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can get an early look at the Showtime series United States of Tara. It will be available from Jan. 8 on Netflix’s Watch Instantly service, two weeks prior to its premiere on the network.

NBC is working on a music-themed drama called Soundtrack about a man who lives by the music he hears in his head. Does anyone remember Viva, Laughlin?

TLC has ordered episodes of the series NASCAR Wives.

Today’s clip: 90210


Photo credit:
The Mentalist: Red John’s Friends — Patrick Jane (Simon Baker, center) becomes intrigued by the promise from a convicted murder that he’ll reveal information about Red John upon his release and sets out to prove the prisoner’s innocence. Photo: Richard Foreman/Warner Bros. ©2008 Warner Bros. Television. All Rights Reserved.
Scrubs: My Jerks — Dr. Kelso’s beautiful but unethical replacement, Dr. Maddox (played by guest star Courteney Cox), shakes things up at Sacred Heart, while J.D. struggles to manage a new crop of incompetent interns and Carla helps Elliott put her ego in check, on the season premiere of Scrubs. Photo Credit: ABC/ Scott Garfield

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